May 8, 2012

Damscus refused a Qatari initiative: Party, not an intermediary

Damascus international airport witnessed the arrival of an Arab figure, who requested an urgent appointment with the Syrian leadership to present a message from Doha (Qatar capital) titled "Qatari initiative to solve the Syrian internal crisis", Yet Damascus gave the Qatari messenger a short answer to the Qatari initiative in one word: REJECTED!!

Syrian sources say that Damascus attitude from Qatar, not looking for her role as a liaison to solve the Syrian crisis, but for her clear declaration of backing away from the policy of arming the Syrian opposition and working with foreign agendas to hit the stability of Syria, and outside those headlines, Damascus don't have the time to hear any other Qatari talks and initiatives.

The Qatari initiative:
the initiative consist of many points:

1- Reconciliation between the two countries, and folding over the crisis page between them, and opening the door to a new phase of cooperation in the framework of the Doha-led effort and initiative to resolve the internal crisis in Syria.

2- The Qatari initiative suggested a solution plan consist of many points, most prominent  of all, appointing a Sunni "Muslim Brotherhood" Prime Minister for Syria, and Qatar to invite the Syrian opposition to hold a conference in Doha, during which, Qatar vows to pressure the opposition to accept the national dialogue with the Syrian government..

The initiative offers other points suggests to provide the opposition with some guarantees from the Syrian government, which helps the latter move from the atmosphere of fighting with the government to the atmosphere of dialogue and positive interaction.

The sources add: It is clear that Doha is checking the pulse of Damascus through this message to know whether she might accept a "Syrian Taif" contract for a national reconciliation, similar to the Lebanese "Taif" agreement held in Saudi Arabia in the 90s of the past century to stop the Lebanese civil war.

The sources point that such project had been offered to Syria in details by Arab, regional and foreign countries few months ago, through Moscow, and Damascus rejected it back then.

The suggestion stated, back then, on inviting the Syrian government to accept attending a "Syrian Taif" conference held in any country chosen by the Syrian government, and the results of the conference to come out as the following: "The adoption of a new political system that distribute the authority on a sectarian basis, so that the Prime Minister will be Muslim Sunni, The People's Assembly's president will be Christian or Kurdish, and the President of the republic will be Alawit Muslim"..

According to the same sources, the above rejected proposal by Damascus is not raising its head one more time, to check its chances of being achieved, through the Qatari initiative offered to Damascus few days ago.

The sources added that there are other reasons push Qatar in this moment to try open the door of re-normalizations of relations with Syria, most prominent is that Qatar is now sure that the Syrian government will not be overthrown through any foreign, regional or humanitarian based intervention, as Turkey had evaded the urgency of the Gulf countries to establish a buffer zone in Syria through linking this step with providing an Arab, International and Islamic public cover, and in the Islamic field, Turkey wants from the Islamic Conference Organization to issue a declaration asks Turkey to interfere and implement a safe zone in Syria.

The Syrian sources confirm that the USA is no longer interested in the continence of chaos on a large scale in Syria, and now sees that the fall of the regime will lead to forming a new Salafi Islamist front in Syria.

The sources revealed to Al-Akhbar newspaper that in few days, the Syrian TV will broadcast interviews with 10 foreign fundamentalists who were arrested while fighting with the armed opposition in Syria, and among them Libyans, Yemenis, Kuwaitis, Egyptians and various Asian nationalities, and they will be broadcasted in batches..

The Syrian source conclude by saying, that the role of some countries in using non-Syrian fundamentalist groups in the Syrian movement had been exposed, and the inability to overthrow the Syrian government became clear to the agenda people, therefore, the conspiracy -according to the source- started retreating, and the countries wrapping around it, started to dim and fade..

Al-Akhbar Lebanese Newspaper..

Translated by News About Syria - English

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