Sep 13, 2011

Al Binaa newspaper: Abdulaziz Khamis expose Qatari and American roles in the conspiracy over Syria.

One hundred billion dollars to shake the stability, and attempts to use the Arab League as an umbrella for a foreign intervention.

Some of those who are following the Syrian situation, think the demonstrations, destructive acts and terrorism acts are NOT linked to foreign extensions, NOR prepared by the U.S and Arab intelligence circles under slogans and signs that some times take "democratic and changing" sorts... yet in reality, they give democratic "templates" in the sake of passing what's been weaved of the conspiracies aiming to hit the power and resistance positions in the Arab area, allowing the Americans to control the region under many titles such as "the new middle east project"..

Through various reports and information, it is proven that there are many countries along with thier intelligence, and many organizations under several titles, who are involved in the conspiracy over Syria -even if some of them do not realize the dimensions of what they are involved in- but what is about to be uncovered will expose the reality of the conspiracy, even if many issues not cleared till now, while there are many issues were not discussed even by those who own information and documents on the involvement of various Arab and Western sides in this conspiracy.

It might be important for many to shed a light on what the Saudi writer "Abdulaziz Khamis" exposed,  talked firstly about what's called "the future forum" which was held in Dawha in 2006, when the Saudi economist "Abdulaziz Dakhil" had to leave the forum which he described as a forum to prepare U.S intelligence conspiracies, then he clarified how Bill Clinton and his daughter were moving from one room of the forum to another.. and that in other forums, Condolisa Rice used to place her hands on the "Qatari Ritz hotel" tables and wonder "What's Next?".

Khamis, continues to expose the role played by one of the organisations which is located in the UK under the name of "Academy of change", that this academy is a western facility, directed and financed by the western intelligence or a Jewish rich-man obsessed by changing the Arab world as a way to bring good to Israel, Khamis clarified that this academy has branches in Dawha visited by many Arab activists, secretly trained since 2009.
Khamis said that the academy's target is to disassemble the current regimes and changing the structures of the societies and threatening its stability... which is a Qatari project that aims to control many regimes, Khamis also clarifies that the significant roles of this academy is teaching youth groups through the internet and youtube.. and using the new media in publicity along with the vast graduation of demands and executing the steps of civil disobedience, and displaying some symbolicals such as holding the Quran and distributing the means on how to confront the security forces.. he also pointed that this academy is run by the son in law of sheikh "Qaradawi".

Khamis also exposed that many big companies had been mobilized to support the U.S-Qatari project of "Change" such as Facebook, Google, Pepsi, American MTV and U.S news channels... he also pointed out that in the year 2008, the " Youth Movement Alliance Committee" was held in New York, participating (financially) in it, was Google, Facebook and officials from the U.S administration..

Khamis conclude that Qatar, who is putting hand in hand with the Muslim Brotherhood and supporting them, do not admit that one day, it will not find anyone who will legitimize the existence of its royal family in the government, which object the Brotherhood view of legitimate rule.

What the Saudi writer exposed, is a small part of what is happening and is currently prepared in the "Dark Rooms" under many titles, it is enough to note here, to what being confirmed by Arabian diplomatic sources regarding what happened in the latest Arabian FMs meeting held in Qairo, in which a declaration had been passed in the name of the meeting without the knowledge of many of the participants, or some of them at least, and the attempt to involve the League secretary general "Al Arabi" in facing the Syrian diplomacy, and using the league as an umbrella for a foreign intervention in Syria.. sources disclose that some of the Gulf FMs sough from involving "Al Arabi" and sending him to Damascus in the name of the meeting, to reach a failure, and his meeting with the Syrian command reach  dead end in order to hold Damascus accountable for the Arabian efforts failure.. more dangerous, is using the League as an umbrella for a foreign intervention in Syria after the Washington efforts and its allies in the UNSC failed in condemning Syria in preparation for a foreign intervention.

Adding the weapons and money smuggling attempts to the terrorist groups by some western and Gulf leaders, and several western and Arab intelligence services, plus financing the opposition or part of least by those countries, where sources say that the sums spent on destabilizing Syria and hitting its pan-Arabizm role exceeded "ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS".

It is obvious the extension of the conspiring powers over Syria.. despite all that, Syria managed pass the largest part of this conspiracy, things have even reached the end of it, which is proven by the facts on the ground, weather by the reduction in the number of protests.. or hitting the bases of terrorism.

The End..

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