Sep 12, 2011

Conspiracy circles prepared ten years ago... Destroyed.

Author: Ahmad Zein Al Din
Foreign diplomacy feel very embarrassed when facing the Syrian developments, because according the infernal plan which was cooked in the American, western and Zionist kitchens, with active Arabian participation (Arabian oil countries in precise) in addition to Turkey, those countries -after the Arabian uprising outburst- were supposed to topple the regime in Syria within 3-4 weeks tops, but the result was that Damascus dropped all the episodes of the conspiracy in which the U.S preparation for it began since the begining of the third millennium, and i have mentioned in my book "Why the war in Lebanon is every 15 years" which was published in 2007, that the "Israeli war on Lebanon was previously prepared in the U.S-Israeli kitchen in order to be an entrance in the same time for a war -Washington had in mind- against Syria".. I included in the same book a document for the previous Secretary-General of the NATO, retired general "Wesley Clark", stress that the "US Ministry of Defense issued in the year 2002, a warrant in which it described how the United States will conquer seven Arab countries , beginning with Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and then end with Iran". Order control the area, and make Syria a weak country, this plan was prepared by the Zionist "Eliot Abraham" in 2000, and before "George Bush" election, he said: "Removing Saddam Hussein from presidency is a part of a global plan for the Middle East.. it is the victories of the U.S in the cold war then in the Gulf war that form the current political situation of the Middle East.. and due to the success of the U.S administration, it is possible from now on to hope for a Middle East where Syria in it is a weak country, followed by Iran, and force it sign an agreement to insure the security and stability of the northern Israeli boarders, so that the main strategic power in the region will be the Israeli-Turkish alliance, but this result cannot be reached without the U.S efforts and a weak Syria"

So, the western diplomacy is in a delicate position, because they are fully aware that the strategic aim of the conspiracy over Syria had dropped, even a French diplomat in Beirut embassy said (as being quoted by in a special meeting that included Lebanese politicians): "Bashar Al Assad had won, and what he represented several months ago, the Syrian opposition will regret that they didn't grasp, because they might not even grasp one third of it after now", specially that this opposition (being weak, and that it is supported by some Arab countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia) might become one of the most countries in need for political, economical and social reforms, as Qatar prince according to this diplomat: "who had turned on his own father, his prisons are full of Qataris, including many members of his family whom he promised with fortune and fame after gaining the power, and making of Qatar a U.S aircraft carrier, yet he transported them from the airport ground to prison directly, and some of them have even disappeared".

As for Saudi Arabia, it is enough to indicate its "democracy" and "Liberality" in the advisory opinion of executing "Mickey Mouse" and forbidding women from driving cars, more over, it is the only country in the world without a constitution, in any case, where are the parliament and elections in those two countries? and how the nationalism fortune is distributed?

If the conspiracy circles prepared against the resistance alliance had been destroyed on at a time, then according to foreign diplomacy, it had backed up into very small objectives that are reduced to extending the U.S forces presence in Iraq, this is why Washington resorted to the secret negotiations with Syrian and Iran, with Syria, the negotiations were through Turkey's Erdogan and his FM Davutoglu,, as the Turkish used in his Syrian communications the method of willing and threatening, which did not succeed with the Syrian side, who clearly knows these methods which never terrorized it, as it was obvious that the Turkish side was full of the U.S promises in making the region under the power of the Tel Aviv and Ankara, even if the controller is USA.

As for the Iranian side, the U.S administration sent the Qatari prince to Tehran to negotiate the Iranian leaders for this purpose, plus providing a kind of security for NATO forces in Afghanistan.. but the Qatari prince came out of his meeting with Ahmadinejad with a pale face.. it had been known that he was asked about Qatar's area, and weather it had or will have a place on the world map, specially wen the big plays?, consequently, what is the role of bunnies trying to play between the elephants legs??

Syria is calm and confident according to the western diplomacy, which cannot be away from the U.S administration, and it cannot anger this administration, as they are hoping for a share in the Libyan oil.

The Syrian leadership defeated the conspiracy, and scoring many extra points, and exposing the plan with its various Arabian dimensions, the latest is informing the Arab League secretary general "Al Arabi" to postpone his visit to Syria, as what had been rumored was that his visit carries an Arabian initiation, meaning, carrying a Qatari and Saudi lie, as no true initiation set by the Arab League which now in need of a radical change.. the Turkish dimension, after "Jisr Al Shughur" camp scandal , and trying to revive "Marmara"s case in the same moment the Erdoganish government announced deploying the early U.S radar systems in Turkey, and which they received due to it a clear Iranian response.

In short, the Syrian leadership is relaxed, as the west is fully aware that Syria is not Libya, and any NATO military action against , its consequences are far more dangerous than expected, but, is "Saad Hariri" still convinced that he will arrive Beirut in his plane through Damascus?? well... he shall wait a long long long time.

The End...

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