Sep 15, 2011

Re-activating "Fath Al Islam" organization to hit Syria and Lebanon.

Informed sources mentioned that "Future Movement" MP, with directions from "Saad Al Hariri", is now reassembling the members of "Fath Al Islam" organization and providing them with secure places northern Lebanon, for the aim of reactivating the organization's activities once again.

Directions issued by the Lebanese MP "Khaled Daher" for this organization to commit terrorism acts inside Syria, and similar acts in Lebanon to trouble "Najib Mikati's" government.

Sources also added that extremest groups of Arabian nationalities were attracted, and their access to Lebanon had been facilitated as well as their movement to northern Lebanon to be part of "Fath Al Islam" organization and participating in riot acts in Syria and Lebanon.

The interrogation results undertaken by the Syrian authorities with the defected lieutenant "Hussein Harmoush" proved that the Lebanese MP "Khaled Al Daher" is providing warriors with money and weapons which are sent to Syria every Thursday, and that a full report is prepared in order to deliver it to the Lebanese authorities.

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