Sep 10, 2011

Friday of the International Protection (September 9th, 2011)

Normal and quite life dominated all parts of the Syrian governorates this Friday (Sep 9th), which was named by its godfathers as (International Protection Friday).
Syrians lived a normal and safe day, where prayers went out of the mosques after Friday prayer to their homes in an atmosphere of safety and stability dominated the moods of the followers of the bias media channels, which made this Friday (The International Protection), the calmest Friday passed over Syria since 6 Months... Where small demonstrations and in limited numbers occurred without clashes with security forces and law enforcement members..

Shukumaku reporter declined the news broadcast on Al Jazeera regarding big demonstrations in Kudsaya in Damascus, explaining that only 25 young men gathered for minutes to film themselves then dispersed on their own.

Shukumaku reporter in Idleb said that about 10 people gathered in front of "Saad bin Abi Waqqas" mosque, and another gathering for about 30 people in front of "Hussein" mosque... and other limited gatherings in Taftnaz, Saraqeb and Bensh, explaining that all those gatherings were peaceful and dispersed on their own without clashes with the security forces.. while (Salqin, Jist Al Shughur and Maarat Al Numan) areas in Idleb witnessed a quite and normal day.

Syria TV reported (live) through its reporters in various governorates, the real images of normal life in those governorates opposite to what Al Jazeera and Alaraabiya broadcasted based on old "Youtube" videos filmed in the beginning of the events, and relying on information prepared in their own media kitchens.

People of Daraa denounced the bias media news about huge demonstrations in some of the governorates neighborhoods, expressing their inconvenience of the over-sized news, specially regarding security and army members besieging prayers in "Nawa's" mosques, as a man called himself "Abu Asem Al Nowwi" claimed on the bias media that the "Omari" mosque in Nawa is besieged, the people stressed that this "Last name" don't exist in Daraa, and Al "Omari" mosque is not located in Nawa.

People of "Rukn Al Deen" in Damascus denounced the news about demonstrations in large numbers in their area, pointing that life is normal their.

People of Midan and Qaboon in Damascus also denounced the news about huge demonstrations and suppression acts by the law enforcements members, security forces and army units, pointing out that life is normal, where prayers went out of the mosques without any incidents.

Syrian TV reporter in Hasaka reported (live) and denied the allegations of Alarabiya news about 25 thousand demonstrators their, explaining that the demonstration (which was reported live on Syrian TV) shows about 300 people ONLY !!!, the correspondent also reported small peaceful gatherings in Qamishly, Amouda, Derbasieh (in Hasaka) dispersed on their own.

Official source in Hama reported that what Al Jazeera is broadcasting about shooting on protesters in front of "Al Ihsan" mosque is untrue, adding that the city witnessed a quite and normal day..

In a phone call with the Syrian TV, Al Swedaa people denied any demonstrations their, opposite to what the bias media broadcasted.

Small gatherings reported in Al Kuswa area in Damascus, where some armed people took advantage of and started shooting at law enforcement members and security forces present in the area to prevent any clashes that might harm civilians and properties which led to injuring 4 members of the law enforcement were carried to "601" hospital in Damascus, life was back to normal, shops re-opened and people of Al Kuswa continued their normal life again.

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