Sep 22, 2011

The triple invasion over Syria.. retreats... Damascus passed the danger phase.

An old Lebanese diplomat, who witnessed the Arabian diplomacy at its peak, said that what Syria is going through these days is very much similar to what Egypt went through in 1956 when a triple invasion was waged over "Jamal Abdulnaser", carried on by Britain, France and Israel, i.e. the old colonialism and its categories...
Despite the harshness of this invasion over the newly born republic, Egypt stability alarmed an end of a phase and the beginning of another, manifested in ending all kinds of old colonialism, and inheriting the neocolonialism, represented in its leader, the United States, which turned the old colonialism into extinctions of land, goods, oil and even beauty.. this is how the American became the master of the Arabian Gulf sheikhoods  rich in black gold, and became the decision maker in the black continent rich in its diamonds and rare metals on the benefit of the French, Italian and Portuguese.

But the difference between 1956 and 2011 invasions, was the international balance represented in the Soviet Union, which made "Bolganin" direct its famous alert in which the American "Eisenhower" responded to, and  forced a public pressure on the three invading countries to stop the invasion.
The result of 1956 war, was that Europe shifted to be a subordinate to the United States, and still is, and became the dominant of the oil sources in various ways, also Israel which drove Paris and London to the war, transformed into the US balance point in the region in the neocolonialism program.

This diplomat reach a conclusion, that "Jamal Abdulnaser"'s Egypt went out of this war as a strong nationalism and international power, specially that the non-aligned bloc launched in 1955 in Pandong by the great three "Jamal Abdulnaser, Jawaharlal Nehru & Josip Broz Tito" , became an economical, political and human great power that is well reckoned.

In the same time, the US started to prepare itself to stand against the new liberational power, in addition to the grand plans to face the Soviet Union militarily, which made the US weapon manufacturing companies transform into across-ocean companies, as it deals with destruction, combat and developing its means and methods, and deal with grand industries and excavating, transporting and marketing of oil... so it became dominant over the western and American policies in many fields, and marked its aims and targets.

At the end of the cold war and the Gulf war and the fall of the Soviet Union, the US thought -in the shadow of the new republican's progress- that it became the grand master of the universe.. so the united states resorted to inflame wars, commits tensions between countries and military interventions using various pretexts, all for the sake of its singularity of the political, economical and military dominion of the world.. which made the September 11, 2001 event the perfect plan for the US to start with its project which she consider its spirit is the rich Middle East, expanding from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean coasts, and after controlling Iraq and Afghanistan, all that remains is the strong quadruple alliance represented in Syria, Iran, the resistant in Lebanon and in Palestine.. so there was the series of developments which we witnessed various acts of it, like assassinating Al Hariri in 2005, July war in 2006, Gaza war in 2008 which led to strengthening the alliance more and more, and made the region live in a battle that didn't end till now, and will reach its climax upon the US withdrawal from Iraq, which the US is trying to postpone any means possible.

The Lebanese diplomat drew the attention that the US plan to destabilize the security and stability in most of the world's regions, and the middle east specially, as the plan started from Lebanon and extended to Palestine aiming to target Syria.. they also tried in Iran after the presidential elections, and failed, despite all constraint attempts over it, through its nuclear program, and attempts to constraint Russia for supporting east Europe countries and Turkey, by deploying the missile-shields and inflaming the tensions between the two Korea from one side, and the two Korea and China from another side which it consider its development and progress as the main threat to dominate Asia and the pacific.

But the magic turned upon the magician, as the US rashness to control the world including the Arab world, occupied her from its retreating economy, manifested in the rise of the loan ceiling, deterioration of the bank institutes and major companies, the reduction of its credit rating, controlling the US media and subordinate media, weather on the rank of countries or companies to divert the world's attention from thinking in the reality of the dangerous US dilemma which threatens the continuance and stability of the United States as a federal country consist of 52 states.

For this reason, in the diplomat opinion, the United States rush and pressure its subordinates in the Gulf countries and sheikhoods, and in the NATO, to blaze their hostility against Syria, who faced the United States and refused its warnings carried out by Colin Powel after the Iraqi invasion, and what followed that from developments in Lebanon and Palestine, enabling Damascus to disassemble and crash all the conspiracy circles one by one, and make the others, including Israel, in a bad position.. and perhaps what "Haaretz" reported make the story short, as it said that the US when led by Bush junior then Obama, and Israel led by Olmart then Netanyahu could not prevent the fall of Mubarak, not even stop the Iranian nuclear program.. and after six month, Syria stand still and its regime is mighty strong.

The diplomat conclude, that a new phase will begin soon, according to him, its signs is burning the Israeli flag in Cairo, even though Washington paid 210 Million Dollars since Mubarak's fall to form new parties that propagate "western democracy" ... this Israel, and as the Brithish newspaper "the Guardian" described it, is facing a regional isolation.. and the US is on the doors of new elections which is economically shaken.. and the Gulf is the major loser in this equation.. and the Turkish bets on destabilizing Syria did not work. 

Simply, Syria passed the danger zone, and proceeding in eliminating the sabotaging groups.. and one way or another it will suceed with its reform program set by president Bashar Al Assad.

Ahmad Al Zen - Al Thabat.

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