Sep 11, 2011

"Rolling Ball" operation by the Syrian Army in Idleb.

Dimensions far more dangerous than killing terrorist, uncovered by the true events of the security operation "Rolling Ball" in "Iblin" village..

We all read last week how the Syrian special forces performed a quality operation in "Iblin" village next to the Turkish boarders in Idleb, and all who read in the title of the news describing the operation as a "quality" one, and dug into its details, felt that it is as any other operation done by the Syrian army to annihilate terrorists in many places in Syria, therefore, the news in its details didn't show the dangerous dimensions targeting Syria, not considering the existence of armed men whom could be annihilated through normal missions which might not need special tactics, yet, those dimensions required the existence of armed men order achieve the dangerous of all intentions, therefore, it required as well performing a quality operation indeed, earned this description after all those details..

Even though this report was leaked by special sources, yet it overlapped with what the Syrian citizen feel (even assure) through following the intense efforts by some western countries in finding allegation for a military intervention in Syria, we in turn, might not assure the reality of this report, yet through following what been weaved secretly and publicly against Syria, make us read in the international and close parties moves the truth of what we are going to narrate:

Last Sunday, intelligence information leaked by some sources was confirmed that NATO group is looking for allegations to threat of a military intervention in Syria, after their bad failure they harvested through their various operations over the last five months, which will only achieve more setbacks... the allegations was built on an hourly success in dominating some Syrian geographical areas next to the Turkish boarders..

 Turkey's attitude..
The Turkish command seemed worried of the reactions against any military intervention, as Syrian openly announced that it will not be the only loser  in the region, and if Syria must go, then the rest will go with her too.. so the Turkish command presented its fears openly to the US administration, so what about the US presentation of a missile shield protection from the Syrian-Iranian missiles??

The US part suggested to deliver the Palestinian agenda to Turkey "Gaza", through showing that Turkey is capable on lifting the siege of "Gaza", then interfere int he political decisions of Hamas movement, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt guaranteed "Hamas" approval on that, and the US side guaranteed that Israel will not reject it, while the Arab countries role was to display Turkey as the great country that managed to lift the siege on "Gaza" ... Erdogan agreed on the US offer, upon his desire of power.

 Execution.. and the role given to what is named as "Free Officers Brigade"..
A group of 700 mercenaries armed with all kinds of weapons, unti-armory shells, carried antiaircraft shells plus missiles launched by ejectors carried on Pick-up trucks...this group is separating some boarder villages from the Syrian state by siege it and deploying forces in it.. and declaring the Independence of these villages accompanied by a live coverage and Turkish movement on the ground, many indications exposed this plan, beginning with sheikh "Arrour" announcing a great surprise (noting he is just a TV announcer for the plan's details), The other exposure was calling this Friday as the "International Protection".. The Syrian specialized forces, and after gathering information and making sure of the plan, they notified the political command with it... so which scenario was the best for the Syrian leadership??

The Syrian political command had many scenarios, the best of all was that the leadership issued a direction under the number 9/1956, includes diverting the conspiracy into a Syrian victory and a defeat for the enemies, and after an entire mobilization for all the internal and external surveillance devices for the conspirators, it was revealed that the important meeting of the groups will be on Wednesday morning in "Iblin" village in Al Zawia mountain, and the number of conferees will be around 1000 among them 700 fully armed men, an announcement of "Military Transition Council" was to be set, acknowledge by Europeans first, the Turkey will interfere militarily in response to their demands to stop the massacres they were supposed to undertake.. Then Russia and China will be deceived that massacres are committed in this area and must not be bombed by aircraft, consequently, the Arab League members will present a suggestion to freeze Syria's membership and acknowledge the council as Syria's full representative, noting that "Al Arabi"'s visit to Syria timing was chosen to be in the same time of declaring the "Military Transition Council", here ascertains the reason why Syria asked "Al Arabi" to postpone his visit.

 How did the Syrian security forces executed the "Rolling Ball" mission?
Early Tuesday morning, at about 03:00AM, Syrian Arab army forces were deployed all along the Turkish boarders, and the Syrian tanks started digging holes for them close to the boarders, the a quick security mission was performed in "Ain Baida" village lead to killing and wounding big numbers of armed men in the area, which aborted the possibility of those present in "Iblin" to intervene, then it was alluded that the Syrian forces will scan this area, which convinced the armed groups in "Iblin" village that they are undiscovered.

On Wednesday, and after the gathering of armed men and those involved with them inside who were arrested within the "Armed Groups", and after they set the "Military Transition Council", the security forced raid began managing to kill a lot of them and arrest the rest, the mission ended in the martyrdom of three security forces, and sent a message titled "To whom it may concern, the ball is Rolling, and will take in it way all traitors and their followers".

As for the other results of the mission, it was manifested in a phase of astonishment that confused everyone, as on last Thursday (September 8th) none of those known with their stupid statements on the Arab channels, such as "Arrour" and others, none of them was able to announce any important declaration, yet they announced false statements and calls based on quackery..

The End..

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