Oct 3, 2011

Autumn storms... Details of the military operation in Al Rastan.

Al Rastan is located northern Homs and southern Hama.

The missions performed in Al Rastan are very much alike with the Zawia mountain missions in Idleb.

Field explanatory report..
Multi-leadership armed groups with powerful combat abilities present there, and huge amounts of weaponry available with these groups.
Those groups are mainly lead by a number of ex-army officers who worked with Al Qaida groups outside Syria.. one of them was the discharged major "Abdulkader Sheikh Ali" who is considered the main field leader for those groups as he is originally from Al Rastan and he served in the army in the major of field engineer, therefore he holds great experience in booby-trapping buildings, roads and bridges.

The leadership decision... "Autumn storms" operation
Freeing Al Rastan from the armed groups, reducing the number of casualties in the civilians ranks and finishing the operation within 72 hours, among it 24 hours for strict cleaning of the area. 

The operation leader called on the forces to study the combat tactics.. it was like this:

The enemy..
Forces members were between 3500 to 5000 armed men with good fighting abilities.
The enemy "the armed forces" owned all sorts of weaponry "light, heavy, anti-armor missiles, anticraft missiles and many explosives and mines".. with expertise in using them.

The friend..
The raid forces are divided into four groups.. weapons used are solo and medium ones.
P.S.. the command were unable use air-force neither for observation nor for air-raid.. also they were unable use tanks inside the city. 

Communication was limited, and the ability for wiretapping by the saboteurs was probable.

The beginning of the operation.. Zero hour (4:30 AM)
when studying how to combat, it was clear for everybody that many casualties will fall among the armed forces ranks, as the terrorists located behind their roadblocks, and the city is full with mines, and the operation timing is short and no heavy machinery is allowed to be used except for soldiers carriers.

A plan for minimizing casualties was needed.

The command leader suggested that the forces deceive the terrorists for the sake of gathering them in the smallest geographical area, so a fire coverage is possible and the advance will be organized.

The following news had been leaked:
The army forces present in Al Rastan are unable move forward due to hard battle, so they asked for back up, and they are waiting for them.
Orders given for the armored forces and tanks to maneuver in deploying from east to west of the city.

The battle began... 
With the leaked news about waiting back up and the tanks move from east to west, the terrorists withdraw most of their armed presence from the sides of the city towards upper Al Rastan and set a fortified area for them there... as they brought trucks and blocked main roads to prevent army tanks from moving into the city and to be able plant mines to hit them in the side roads they are forced to go through..

After the first day had ended, the command leader took the decision for the troops to move forward on foot, and dividing the raid groups into small ones with specific tasks, and considering everything able to explode in their way.

The troops started marching forward with a fire coverage by the troops carriers, the view started to be clear.. broken water pipes, ditches full of weapons, roof tops full of sniper men and RBG launchers and anti-craft machine guns.

Our mighty soldiers moved forward and manage destroy weapons and armed men, they fought a battle that lasted 36 hours strait.. they managed to free the city from criminal armed groups and arrest the alleged leader "Abdulkader Sheikh Ali" and the multi-rank leader "Ryad Al Asaad" and many other terrorist leaders and armed men trained at Al Qaida.

Long Live Syria.

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