Oct 25, 2011

The "Russian Bear" is back... and Syria is a "Red Line"

The Russian side assured "Hizbullah" delegation to Moscow, that Syria is becoming to Moscow as a "Red Line", and will fight any western or US new attempts to topple the Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad, weather in the UNSC or outside it, because they will not accept to repeat what happened with Moscow in Libya, where the international decision with she agreed on in the Security Council called for an aerial ban only over the Gaddafi's regime, but Russia was surprised later that this aerial ban turned into a military intervention represented by aerial bombings done by the NATO, which made Russia feel as if she was betrayed, so Russia will not allow to be deceived again by fabricating a scenario against Syria similar to the Libyan scenario .. so the VETO by Russia and China lately was to make the US and Europeans understand that she is not going to allow them get to Syria, her only exit to the Mediterranean sea, and its advanced position in the Middle East.. no matter what.

But Moscow, and according to confirmations from the Russian officials to Hizbullah delegation, is concerned that the VETO is not to be understood in the world and region as a Russian objection on the people willing of change and reforms, so as she is relieved that the Syrian government will remain, and had passed the danger zone, she is now asking the government to move forward with more reforms and refrain from using force in facing opposition, eventhough this force is justified sometimes, and to get into an active dialogue with the opposition to achieve reforms that serve the demands of the Syrian people.
But the Russian officials assured in the same time their awareness of the volume of the regional and international attack Damascus is baring, which skipped reforms into toppling the regime that serves many goals of the attackers.

The Russian officials did not hide their desire that the VETO will show the world the return of the "Russian Bear" to its "International Den" to impose the balance equation in the international field which was shaken by the fall of the Soviet Union early 90s for the benefit of the US backed by Europe.. so this VETO came as an inauguration for this return, and they expect support of the countries and nations suffering from the US era which in their eyes, do not exist anymore after the US and Europeans understood the dimensions of this VETO which formed an unprecedented surprise.

Hizbullah delegation, understood from the Russians in this context, that Moscow by supporting the Syrian government in the face of the attack it is under, will have an active movement toward all the powers under the resistance axis or meet with it for the aid of Syria, that is from one side.. from the other side, support the resistance axes against the US and Europeans and their regional alleys.
And calling Hizbullah delegation to Moscow forms the beginning of such movements due to Hizbulla's main resistance power allied with Damascus.. it is also expected that Moscow receive soon representatives of other similar nations and powers, specially that Moscow is now focusing on the period beyond the US withdrawal from Baghdad, which it lost its benefits in it in the days of Saddam Hussein, and its relations with Tehran will be improved in the next phase, specially when "Vladimir Putin" will be leading the Russian Federation once again.

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