Oct 11, 2011

Syrian opposition fighting for the money..

With every Syrian progress in solving the dilemma and fighting sabotaged armed groups. the west ,USA, Arabs, Turkey and Israel escalate their aggression so it seem that it is a matter of life and death, so there had been a kind of distributing roles between them, the west escalates the pressures and imposing sanctions on Damascus, and providing all kinds of financial backup for the Syrian opposition, which a source in these opposition groups described it that, every time Syria strikes it devil, the conflicts increase between the opposition sides, because many of its leaderships now care about their economical situation due to the fortunes pouring at them weather from the Arabs, the west or USA.. in addition to the armed support, which  large amounts of it are exposed every now and then, smuggled through the boarders .
The Syrian opposition hailed the foreign and Turkish escalation, as the fortune well did not and will not get dry, so they declared their refusal for dialogue sot hat they extend the period of chaos and perhaps the money and "honey" will pour on their" leaderships" scattering in Europe's capitals.

All this placed the opposition in a critical phase, that expanded divisions among their ranks, specially that information from within Syria indicate the demolishing of Friday protests, that it become -despite all the media misleading- limited and scattered demonstrations.. so those groups resorted -with foreign directions- to violence, crimes and destruction acts, which deepened the opposition dilemma, since great crowed started to uncover the conspiracy launched by the opposition which is financed since the beginning of the events last March.

In addition to this, there is an awareness that started to expand in the Arab street of the truth of the attack Syria is under, specially that the multi-leaderships of the Syrian opposition did not stop at announcing their demand for a US, Arab and Israeli support, yet they even called for a military intervention.. Libya stile.

Seem that the US dilemma in Iraq and Afghanistan, makes thinking about any military adventure in Syria, very costly and unbearable, specially that Washington is negotiating under and above the table to insure a secure outage of its forces from Iraq and Afghanistan in the dates set for those outings, so how the situation will be in case of a military intervention on a country like Syria which have papers, alliances and power that allow it to make Iraq and Afghanistan cost, a "heaven" compared to the "hell" USA will find itself in, specially in the Arab street filled with ex-US era indications, which will effect Israel and its future, and the fate of its public and confidential treaties with the Arabs..

According to an opinion of an Asian diplomat in Beirut, which his country is in good relations with Damascus.. Washington and the west found their goal in the continues pressure and escalation on Syria through their NATO-Turkish accomplice "Erdogan", which along with his they practice the method of  "praising" so that he began to see himself as a great person and the Ottoman dreams started to enter his brain, which will impose a new awakening on the Arabs with all their political and religious components, recall through it all the Turkish eras during four hundred years of colonialism that brought about all kinds of defects and social illness, from corruption to bribes and financial illness.

From another point.. recall all the Turkish torture on the Arab people, from drowning opposition members in  the Bosphore and Dardanile, imposing military recruitment on the Arab youth by force for fight instead of the Ottoman Turkish people, and the attempts for Ottomanization , the "Jamal Bashal" the butcher's executions.
Perhaps "Jisr Al Shughur's" horrible acts with the women, is the perfect prove of the Turkish "great Sader" civilization int he 21st century, which a side of it started with the latest visit for "Erdogan" and "Davutoglu" to New York, where the two men went out of their meeting with Barak Obama (the Negro emperor) proud like a peacock ... according to the Asian diplomat, that his country's  information says that Obama entrusted them with the region, so the two men said in their declaration to the media, that their meeting with Obama was one of their successful meetings.

Turkish "Mellet" newspaper representative, who escorted Erdogan and Davutoglu to New York, described Davutoglu by saying that he was so happy in the Turkish house in front of the UN building.. she add that : "How could he not be happy, when he described his meeting with Obama as most intimate".

Erdogan informed the journalists escorting him in his plane, during his return from New York, that the sanctions Turkey started considering on Syria, are about preventing the movement of military support to Syria through Turkey, but after he visit the refugees camp in Eskanderon area, he will move to another phase of sanctions.. he did not disclose.

Finally, and just as a reminder, the US forces dispatch on the shores of Beirut in 1958, according to Eisenhour commands, came from "Incirlik" Turkish air base, which was prepared after July 14th revolution in Iraq of the same year, where Noor Al Saeed -and in execution of Baghdad alliance which was made by Turkey- prepared an Iraqi military force to intervene in Lebanon to aid "Chamil Shemon", but these forces moved to "Basman" palace instead and finished the rule of "Noor Alsaeed".. so the US had to place its army in Beirut instead of the Iraqi army, but the result of the operation was: destroying Baghdad alliance, inforcing the role of the united Arab republic lead by Jamal Abdulnaser (the union country between Syria and Egypt), the fall of Shemon and Eisenhour's rule.. then the coup d'etat in Turkey... So will Erdogan-Davutoglu gain any use of the lesson?

Ahmad Zen Addin - Al Thabat..

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