Oct 30, 2011

The "Arab Spring" ... the loving mother of the "Blue Jasmine"... Part 3.

By: Juhaina News
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We talked in the first part about the US worry of the increased demand on gas and bio-fuel, and Washington's fear of selling this fuel in another currency than US Dollar..

In part 2 we talked about the reasons that called for dividing the Middle East, and the US-Qatari and US-Turkish deals..

In this part (3) we will talk about the US counter-strike which is called "The Arab Spring"...

The Arab Spring... The loving mother of the "Blue Jasmine"..
Moscow signed several agreements with Algeria, so Washington sent Al Qaida gangs as a message, and violent acts began in Algeria.. The Russian "Brom Gas" company also signed a contract with Nigeria, so Washington inflamed a sectarian war started with Islamic Takfiri gangs attacks on Christians on Christmas, and later, extremest Christians attack on Muslims in Ramadan... Washington kept trying burn the country, but upon the Russian president visit to Egypt and Libya, and commencing talks about elicitation and exportation of gas, Washington began accelerating its steps, and with "Brom gas" buying half of the Italian company "Eni" in Libya, Washington decided to start the "Arab Spring" campaign, as she realized if the Russian will enter Libya, he might expand to Egypt and Sudan, so what's needed was commencing WAR on Libya, and beginning preparations for the "Arab Spring"... so that we discovered that this "spring" is the caring mother of the "Blue Jasmine".

Note: Russia announced the "Blue Torrent" to export gas to Jordan and Israel as a message to Egypt, before the Russian delegation's visit to Egypt, where they discussed negotiations on providing gas to Jordan and Israel, here Washington had to expose the east Mediterranean gas .

Why "Wikileaks" documents in this precise time??

Why "Wikileaks" documents are not published with "Wiki's" permit? even though they seemed like they are under "Wiki's" permit? and its first name is "Wiki"?

Wiki's permit allows transporting, printing and selling documents for free, on one condition.. mentioning the source.. This is how "Wikipedia" was founded which is "Wiki's" encyclopedia, and then came Wikileaks which is "Wiki's" scandal leaks with unprecedented permit, as anyone could read it, print it, share it on one condition... mentioning  the source... But Wikileaks set one condition.. didn't allow reading and printing the documents without a contract that obligate who's going to publish the docs to publish each bundle on its own , and the publisher must be a newspaper or a media organization only, and the publisher have no choice in choosing the articles he is going to print... ofcourse, Lebanese "Al Akhbar" newspaper gained this contract as later it will be part of the plan to hit Syria...
The aim of those documents: first, leaking false news that instigate chaos and ordeal.. the second and most important aim, leaking true documents in order to blackmail Washington's allies , and Third, beginning to expose documents of those who Washington decided to abandon, specially "Bin Ali" (who banned "Al Akhbar" website in Tunis) and "Mubarak", and in Lebanon which will assist in sending weapons to Syria at the risk of scandal, as upon the failure of the invasion on Lebanon, Lebanon will not be a weak side of Syria, as Tunis became the weak side of hitting Libya, who would've thought that Hariri who presented his apologies to Syria would dare turn his allies as a dagger in Syria's back, and he knows who is Syria?

Here we remember the "Dove" deal of Bandar Bin Sultan, which was a plot that Al jazeera participate in to drag Bandar into the US plan using the "Carrot and Stick" policy.

The US decided to get rid of "Mubarak" and "Bin Ali", and "Bu Azizi" burning himself was only a coincident that accelerated the US project and launched it before its time.. and with the fall of "Bin Ali", a loop to Libya could be opened, and with "Mubarak's" fall, Egypt will have no attitude of the events, and from Egypt they will send warriors and weapons, and the Arab League will be paralyzed and become subordinate to the GCC so that the UNSC will be asked later to intervene in Libya... Egypt was prepared to be divided into three states, Northern Sunni and Coptic state, Southern Nubian state.

With Tunis, Egypt and Libya's fall, and their entrance into a no-stability phase, Algeria will become an easy and near target, to complete the domination over North Africa.

Note: After inflaming "Darfur" district hoping it will become on the road of independence like the south, and changing the Chinese battle doctrine, as it now can strike anticipated hits to preserve the Chinese national security, and with the Chadian opposition hosted in Sudan... a counter-strike was launched , and Chadian rebels almost reached the capitol, until Washington and Chad shouted, and Darfur district became calm due to a deal, and the American retreated in Sudan's war into "Bab Al Mandeb" strait, and Yemen and Somalia inflamed over the oil passages , and pirating acts began in the Gulf, as Russian journalists said that operation room in Dubai was sending instruction to the pirates about the unprotected ships after marking them over the  satellites, but with inflammation of northern Yemen  and the arrival of Russian military ships and China sending its battleships, the pirate project failed, and the situation in Yemen aggravated with various conflicts, and the pirates who suddenly appeared at the media... suddenly disappeared.

About the Arab Spring..

It is impossible theoretically and practically to combine a demonstration through the internet without organization on the ground, and it is impossible for a demonstration to topple a regime, and the protests in Lebanon are an example of that, when "Senioura" was marrying his son in the governmental palace just to teas the protesters... the protesters numbers were no more than 10% of Lebanon citizens, while in Egypt is it possible that 1% of the citizens can topple a regime?? noting Egypt people are 80 Million, and Lebanon people are 5 Million, and Lebanon's demonstrations were more than Egypt's demonstrations in numbers !!
So.. Tunis and Egypt fall was only a military overthrown under the cover of funded and organized popular demonstrations, but in Syria, such scenario cannot be passed, as the Syrian Arab Army is a warrior army with only one enemy named The Zion entity, and no US influence in Syria over the army as in Tunis and Egypt, so came the "Blue Jasmine" operation, which instead of launching it after July invasion on Lebanon, it was launched after "Ben Ali" and "Mubarak's" fall.

The Gulf prevented USA's collapse..?

With the beginning of the attack on Libya, Italian company "Eni" froze its selling contract with "Brom Gas" and Russia did not recognize the National Transitional Council of Libya until it confirmed a selling contract with "Eni" and added an appendix to the contract, and after ensuring the railway project with "Mustafa Abdul Jalil" after Gaza attack, the financial crisis features appeared.. so Washington decided to bring back the green currency to the US to prevent its collapse, and order the GCC to perform many procedures, the mot important, allowing US financial pockets to invest in Gulf stock market.. so these US pockets arrived the Gulf, and stolen its people's money with the approval of its leaders, and Washington brought back those money, Saudi Arabia declared loosing more than 120 Billion Dollars, Kuwait declared loosing more than 80 Billion Dollars, while other Gulf countries did not declare their loses , but experts say that the real loses reached 1000 Billion Dollars , no just that, yet after withdrawing the US Dollar from the Gulf, the Gulf financial pockets went to the US and bought most of the stocks that will collapse in the crisis, and the Gulf banks loses reached 2000 Billion Dollars, that's why when the crisis passed, the dilemma in the Gulf was grater than in USA, even though the Gulf only export the Oil which value had increased, so who was hit by the financial crisis are those factory owners whose cargo remained unsalable, then why the Gulf was hit by the crisis despite its lack of factories ?.. the answer is easy.. because it paid USA'a bill and prevented it from collapsing, from here we realize the importance of the time factor for the USA..

The Blue Jasmine, between Washington and Tel Eviv...

The US negotiated the plans of the "Blue Jasmine" with Tel Eviv in precise, even France and the NATO who were part of the execution  didn't know the details of the operation, despite their participation in many things, where the NATO handled the execution, only Tel Eviv was informed with the details.

The plan is to ignite a sectarian conflict around Damascus on three axes, and besieging Damascus to isolate it from clash points, as the army start to part, and special forces of mercenaries would have controlled the missile weaponry of Syria, and when the army start to part, the sectarian conflict intensifies, so Israel interfere in terms of saving its security and protecting "Durzi" people and forming a "Durzi" state that start from Northern Jordan and Arab mountain, reaching the West "Bkaa" and Lebanon mountain, then Turkey enter as a  conqueror to save the Sunna, and the French interfere to save the Alawit and Samoulin, and with a Kurdish rebel by Kurdistan hawks (which is an organization that erupted suddenly and it is opponent to the PKK), the geography would change, and the nature of the conflict in the region would change too, Turkey would lose part of its lands for an Alawi and Kurdi states, but to be compensated from inside Syria, and from outside the Middle East, Greece which everything would have been built on her account would collapse, and along with it,,, the EU, For this reason, and with the failure in hitting Syria, Qatar decided to invest in Greece, as the battle was postponed, and it became important to save Greece for the next battle before 2017, as the EU collapse before dividing the Middle East will be a catastrophe to the USA.

Israel refused the idea of hitting Syria before ensuring its existence first, and said that president Assad if saw Syria burning and realized that the sea is behind him and the enemy is in front of him, he will resort to showering Tel Eviv with missiles in order to save Syria, so as much destructive the war with Israel, it is much easier than a civil war, because he will have to choose between death.. and death!, and then he will decide to die standing... therefore, a map was decided to be placed for choosing the places, and the US and Israeli experts are facing three sides:
  1. The demography distribution of the population, in order to inflame sectarian wars.
  2. The geographical distribution, in order to besiege the capital and isolate it from the conflict areas.
  3. The military distribution, in order to exhaust certain districts of the army and control the Syrian strategic missiles, and cut the way in front of the republic guards and prevent it from interfering.
For this day, Israel achieved several big maneuvers, in fear of the Syrian reaction, or in fear of the Lebanese resistance intervention, and perhaps the Syrians are aware that the big maneuvers are not preparations for a comprehensive war, and they know exactly what a comprehensive war means, that's why the Syrian command was getting ready on all fronts, internal and external.

End of part three..

In Part four:What are the details of the "Blue Jasmine"... How did Syria topple it?.. will it be repeated?.. How did Syria become a non-influenced pole..?

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news

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