Nov 1, 2011

Part 4: What are the details of the "Blue Jasmine"... How did Syria defeat it?.. will it be repeated?.. How did Syria become a non-influenced pole..?

By: Juhaina News
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The blue Jasmine.... Part 4

We talked in the last three parts about the reasons of eliminating the peace cord, and what pushed Washington to change its strategy in the region and reached a decision to divide the Middle East, and Lebanon war failure in 2006 which led to the drop of the "Blue Jasmine" project... Washington had the operation prepared , and many security missions took place in Damascus and its surroundings, and what's called "Damascus-Beirut declaration" appeared, and the civil society groups started their movement on the ground.

A glimpse on the "Blue Jasmine"..

The "Blue Jasmine" planning started since 1999, and the decision No.1559 was only a preliminary attack, as the attack started with assassinating "Rafiq Hariri" -the blue-flag man- through an operation to besiege the area, and since the area is on a brink of a sectarian volcano in Iraq, the congestion was moved to Lebanon, and after forming the International Court and the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon -which Washington didn't anticipate- Hizbulla had to be crushed completely, or at least displacing Shiit from the south, then followed inflaming protests in Syria, due to sectarian conflicts and wars with expatriates from southern Lebanon, and expanding the clashes along with issuing an accusatory decision accuses Syrian with "Hariri's" assassination, and exploding three sectarian wars in Damascus surroundings, in order to occupy the Syrian capitol with its surroundings as it will be besieged from all passages, and before the Syrian government sense the danger, the strategic missile places will be attacked, and with the erupt of a large scale sectarian war through several massacres, the army would collapse, and the Israeli would enter from the south and decide to liberate the Durzi people, and while the Israeli eliminate the elite of the Durzi people and complete emigrating the Sunna from southern Damascus and southern Syria and Northern Jordan, Turkey would have to entered Syria for the claim of fighting Israel and saving the Sunna, and since southern Turkey would be inflamed sectarian way, the NATO forces would interfere from  the sea for the claim of protecting the Alawit, in this way, three armies would draw the grand states before the rest of the Syrian soils start to part, so that Syrian would be divided later into three states.. Israeli would then accomplish its historical dream of building a protective shield for her as the extreme Islam will be fighting instead of her and for her sake, and Erdogan will become an Islamic hero that his pictures will be raised all over the Islamic world, and will take from Syria what he lost in Turkey for the account of an Alawit and Kurdish states... But the project failed completely and Washington decided to turn the equation and accuse Hizbulla with killing Hariri then burn Syria and topple it.  and attack Lebanon from within Syria based on the accusatory decision and the sectarian ordeal in Syria, but the plan didn't change, and we will go over what happened in 2011 only.

Important note: The source say, that perhaps one of the reasons of the "Blue Jasmine" failure, is that the Syrian leadership compared between who entered Syria in 2006 during July war, and those who entered it in 2011.. in this way, it had indicated a very narrow margin that she managed through it monitor the smallest numbers of arrived persons and disclosed the security codes and the field leaderships which would direct the battle within Syria, but the truth is, the failure of the project had many reasons, which we are going to explain through comparing information with what happened on reality grounds, and the reasons of the US failure later.

The beginning.... A sectarian war.

Let's recall Israel's defeat in 1996 in what was called "Grapes of Wrath" , the lose was massive , and here, hitting Syria became a strategic target, and the war have two choices: the first, is to be attacked by Israel, which was impossible since 1973 when the Syrian Arab Army was weak and fought for 82 days in a war of attrition and imposed its terms in the battle, then how after Israel defeat in front of the resistance in 1996, and the Syrian Army became a strong force built to fight without an ally .. and the second choice is a NATO-Israel hit on Syria, which will force Syria to behave madly and wipe out Israel, because she has two choices, either death... or death, and will not hesitate from using all kinds of weapons against Israel, and when NATO's turn comes to aid Israel, Syria will not hesitate from destroying it, not mentioning Syria's allies reaction around the world.. so that leave the choice of burning it from within, but even this choice worried Israel.

Preparing the mission..

War remains as political negotiations that parties resort to when agreement door is shot, that's why Washington started planning the "Blue Jasmine" operation as she was negotiating Damascus through the "Stick and Carrot" policy, and before Washington's demands reached Damascus upon the Iraqi war, Washington had started preparing for the worse, and recruited spies with the help of the French and British intelligence all together, as the "Blue Jasmine" which the US and Israel decided and planed, will be executed by the NATO, and later Israel and Turkey and Qatar... all gathered by gas and energy.

Pressuring Syrian, Egypt and Saudi Arabia..

Since 2000, Washington started pressing on Syria from one side, and Washington allies from another side, as she plan to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq and wants to hit Lebanon, but she had to drag her allies into the forbidden , and the Arabs watched the forbidden that Saudi Arabia and Egypt did after the invasion on Lebanon and later on Gaza, and from another side the pressure to force Syria to give some waivers, and here Al Jazeera had been used against Saudi Arabia and Egypt and specially against Syria, as it became a tribune for the Syrian opposition, and a tribune for the attack on Al Baath party allies in Syria, as she launched an aggressive attack on the Syrian communist for the benefit of strengthening Washington allies in the street, and Al Jazeera gained its popularity from attacking the Syrian government and its allies in a period that the leftist retreated, so it became the first tribune for the opposition, and a tribune to attack presidents, which was a mutation in the Arab journalism which had no presence of opposition characters, as when Al Jazeera was established, it was specialized to attack Syria, which some might forget, and might also forget its turn in inflaming ordeal in Iraq, and only remember its attitude during July war which originally she was building for the attack on Syria after invading southern Lebanon.
On the impact of supporting opposition movements in Egypt and Syria, and the impact of shifting explosions in Saudi Arabia, and the impact of Al Jazeera's attacks ... Washington was negotiating in secret from one side, and from the other side, the war was her final choice.

The move order of Washington's ambassadors..

Supporting opposition movements in Egypt had started, until "Ayman Abdulnoor" became a great unannounced leader, with unlimited support from the US embassy... And in Damascus, the start of establishing the cells of the civil society, and on the impact of US president's speech which called for democracy in these countries, like Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia.. but not in Qatar or Morocco or Jordan... Egypt and Saudi Arabia submitted to the US pressures, and she began blackmailing them during Lebanon and Gaza's invasions, but when Syrian received "Colin Poel" demands, it refused them all.. not just that, Syria raised the challenge bar with the US to the prohibited limits, and began reforms, but not what Washington desired , but a real reform.. As Damascus realize that the enemy can be infuriated, but cannot and impossible to satisfy it, as the late "Khaled Bekdash" said, who is the first man Al Jazeera attacked of Syria's allies.

The US ambassador in this phase, started moving publicly in Damascus, and directed invites to all Syrian intellectuals and journalists, and few only who responded to him, and civil society groups started to emerge, and an opposition political activity started to define on the ground, and upon Al Jazeera's attack on Syria, and the pressure on the ground though creating opposition and threatening with war.. the negotiations with Damascus began, and it is recorded that the US ambassador's movement was not noticed by the media and kept silent, and only the Syrian journalist "Waleed Mumary" response who rejected the ambassador's visit and wrote his refusal in the media, had annoyed the ambassador.

 Damascus raising the confrontation bar..

When the pressure started decreasing from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and aggravating on Damascus, and instead of submitting to it, Al Baath party held its conference after a long time since the last one, and US man "Abd Al Haleem Khaddam" in Syria, left Al Baath leadership as a slap on Washington's face... Here, and since recruiting spies and agents was entitled to Washington who chooses dozens to travel to Washington and she elect agents from them, Washington decided to topple the regime who decided to defy her, and execute the "Blue Jasmine" operation, which Washington consider the easy and last choice... So Syrian workers have been received in Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia very widely after it was partial in 2002, as the US intelligence were watching every thing and looking for people to elect for her plans, through a third party which is the strict Islam, but in precise, workers had be brought to Qatar and Saudi Arabia,then suddenly, the forbidden happened, and Abdulhaleem Khaddam left the authority in Syria, then followed by "Rafiq Hariri" leaving the Lebanese authority, and president Assad then decided to get rid of the corrupted people who represent the US administration in Syria and commence reforms in Syrian and Lebanon... and indeed, Syria didn't only dare Washington by removing "Abdul Haleem Khaddam", yet it paid all its debts, while Washington had prepared the war gear which she had no choice but to commit.. Then, "Omar Karami" started the asceticism plan to stop spending the public money when the Lebanese debt reached 40 Billion Dollars, but this reform will not continue, as the "Blue Jasmine" project was to start and stop the Lebanese reform project and bring Hariri "The Son" to the power, and the debt then raised to reached 60 Billion Dollars.

Recruiting agents...

Since the beginning of 2000 and on the Syrian's accounts, agents had been recruited, and Washington gain and not pay, and if paid, then it will be from the Gulf account... So, visas to US had been granted, and to apply, u need to pay 50$, and tens of thousand Syrian applications had been submitted of those who dream in the profit of rate exchange, as 100$ equals a month salary in Syria back then, and the US chose whom she needed  to be sieved in Washington, and there, in Washington and after those emigrant's visa expired, the CIA stated to work, and those who submitted to them and became an opponent, he was contacted, and who didn't become an opponent, was blackmailed in the emigration departments, and specially those who didn't marry a US citizen and didn't get a citizenship... the CIA had failed with many and succeeded with some, and in other episodes, we are going to talk about the details of recruiting agents and stirring the street.. in more details..

The French embassy started doing the same, as a group of French girls recruited many Syrians, yet creating intellectuals to be used later.. the British embassy as well, as in the year 2000 witnessed a great development in the relations with France upon "Khaddam's" leaving the power , and sieving the Syrian emigrants who came to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE had been done as well, as in the Gulf the small tools are elected through searching for extremists and those who get influenced with ordeal to be used as mercenaries and armed groups... many of the Gulf Sheikhs (members of the royal families) participated in this operation.. while Washington and Europe elected leaderships and security keys.

In Lebanon (ofcourse) the weight was heavier, as Damascus-Beirut declaration was the result of the US ambassador acts on the ground and the result of his meetings, and it had been noted, that the "Blue Jasmine" plan which failed in 2006 and postponed to 2011 is the same plan without any changes, placed on the hands of the senior US and Israeli strategy makers 9which we are going to talk about in the next episode)

Note: Here we mention the emergence of two news media in July war through covering the war.. Al JAzeera and New TV, as they sought to invest this coverage after eliminating Hizbulla in the attack on Syria, but the plot had failed, and words had been spoken about the role of "Al Akhbar" newspaper which some (after the death of Joseph Smaha and Ziad Al Rahbani departure) expected France to take over this foundation, but it is till prediction without any sources, noting, Al Akhbar newspaper participated in the campaign against Syria through the execution of the "Blue Jasmine" in 2011.

Note: New TV editor-in-chief, refused the on going campaign against Syria after the deterioration of the channels viewers numbers, and the projects staggering.. so "Mariam Al Bassam Fadlulla" suggested on the Qataris, that NEW TV's attack to be indirect thقough broadcasting true news about Syria that satisfy the viewer, and graft it with a campaign on the Syrian mediaو and meetings with forces opponent to Syria, under the name of the "opinion and the other", and the attempt to clean Al Jazeera's face... indeed, she was allowed to change its method, when the US was certain of the "Blue Jasmine" staggering.

End of part 4..
In part 5: Why choosing "Douma, Harasta, Al Tal, Black stone, Al Qadam and Jdaidet Artouz" in Damascus??

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news

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