Nov 6, 2011

The security mission "Breaking the Illusions"... The secrets of the first phase of cleaning Homs..

The security mission "Breaking the Illusions"... The secrets of the first phase of cleaning Homs..

With the beginning of the security mission in "Al Zawia" mountain, and as a result for the electronic wiretapping, A very developed wireless signals was showing from the south.. The electronic units continued their work, and was certain that the source is the middle area.. and there was the beginning..


With the end of the missions in "Al Zawia" mountain, some quick security missions accomplished in the following places... Al Rastan, Hawla, Tal Kalakh and Qser..

Every mission gave new indications about the types of the communications and the transmission center, but they pointed to one Common denominator, which is that the order center is from three main sites, and each center runs a side o the battle..

Exploration groups was deployed in the areas to check the DATA, and noted the following:

- Media transmission center and supervision of coordination groups is "Al Hawla" area near "Marimeen".

- Financial ops and weapon providing center  is "Al Rastan and Talbiseh".

- Military command center and providing terrorists is "Baba Amro and Qser" areas.

In the first phases of fighting terrorists, exploration groups was monitoring the following phrases: "Hold on for a week" and some times "Hold on for a month or days"..

The explanatory ideas agreed that these messages is to boost the spirits or perhaps betting on the street actions... the idea of providing terrorists from outside the country was not possible, but with the continuation of the messages, and the demand of the necessary of proceeding in the activities no matter what the results are, made the Syrian leadership think that there is a plan that forces some to insist on following its military activity even if its way was blocked.

The Syrian command gave directions for an intensive search in the boarder areas, and it turned out that the military leadership was in Lebanon, next to Qser area, and there, all the preparation missions were set for much longer fight and clash.

An advanced wiretapping devices were brought, and the surprise was the plot..

USA and its followers are preparing harsh military missions, and placed 7000 well trained terrorists brought by "Saad Al Hariri" to fight Hizbullah, and when he failed, those terrorists were backed to be placed in a fight with Syria.

The situation started deteriorating, as those terrorists are a front for a foreign intervention that will become a pretext for a greater intervention.

The opinions in the Syrian leadership divided between those who saw a possibility of preventing them from entering Syria and bring them about through the media, and those who believed in the necessity of bringing them to Syria and exterminate their efforts, in this way we can end the possibility of repeating their missions... the opinion set on going through the battle and exterminate those terrorists from the roots, and teach the enemies an important lesson in combat..

The following plan was set..

Not placing any forces on the boarders, and Al Rastan and Al Hawla purging missions began in a very slow rhythm.

The Americans stated organizing the movement of their fighting units, and the Syrian army's eyes were watching..

About 2000 criminal mercenaries were brought from boarder villages, and their accommodation was provided in "Baba Amro" and "Tal Al Shor" farms.

After finishing cleaning missions in Al Rastan and Talbiseh , and the escape of part of the terrorists toward Baba Amro, the armed forces of the army started a purging mission in Al Hawla, Taldo, Kafr Laha, Tal Zahab and Tiba.. the road to Baba Amro was open and some terrorist flee to it.

The purging missions moved to Tal Kalakh once again, and also to Bayada, Der Baalba, Bab Sbaa, Nazihin and Mrayjeh areas in Homs.

The Syrian command picked up new orders for the armed men... commanding them to go to Baba Amro as the conclusive battle is near.

The Syrian leadership took many measures... such as:

Preventing the entrance of new terrorists from Lebanon, and the Lebanese army started pesuit missions inside Lebanon.

Cooperation with the popular committees in the boarder villages and arresting all the terrorists coming from Lebanon, this deal accomplished great results..

The forces started pushing the saboteurs and terrorists from the contact limits with Lebanon into inside Syria, and the army started deployment on the Lebanese boarders.

confirmations had been done that no armed men deployed outside the boarders of Baba Amro, specially that the terrorists command keeps stressing on mobilizing the armed men in Baba Amro..

On the political side...

USA decided to execute its plan along with mobilization from the Arab League, as the combat development becomes as condemnation for the Syrian command and that she wants the continuation of violence, so the AL assembled under a US order, and decided what is known..

In the same day, Qatar's FM announced that violence in Syria is unacceptable..

After observing all the details... the following plan was set:

Deploying units all over the area, starting from Qusur neighborhood .. Souk Al Hal ..the western farms, reaching the oil refinery and the Homs-Damascus highway..

The operations began in compliance with the political activity which she managed to steer professionally, knowing what is planned for her..

The Syrian leadership decided to conclude the battle within ten days..

The purging missions began, and in the first day, the army lost 20 martyrs and more than 100 wounded...and it turned out that there was more than 200 RPG launchers plus about 300 sniper men and more than 6000 armed criminals..

The leadership took a decisive decision, that the life of a soldier is more precious than all of those terrorists, and there is no way to risk, as every resistance is destroyed completely..

The military operations began to accomplish great success... no casualties among the soldiers ranks after the first day,  and the weakening of the terrorists began to manifest  in the face of the decisive decision of our soldiers.. The plan started to deteriorate, as Syria won politically and now it is winning militarily.

Hundreds of the Lebanese and mercenaries train to kill, are carrying a fake ID of Islam..

And hundreds of Syrian criminals who sold their conscience to the devil are falling between killed and wounded and arrested on a daily basis...and it is only hours until the Syrian leadership announces the end of the US terrorist group's existence in Homs... and Baba Amro area will become more clean than it was before.

And Homs will return to be the withstanding castle it is the first who killed the plot, and the first who sacrificed its innocent people's blood which stood still in the face of those who wanted to destroy our beloved Syria...

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