Nov 10, 2011

US and EU's plan [C] to destroy Syria...

US and EU's plan [C] to destroy Syria: Threatening the Lebanese government, and frighting the Lebanese military and security commands with "Ocampo" International court.

Plan (C) to topple Syria began as Damascus didn't fall by plan (A) similar to the Tunisian scenario, and the Syrian command responded to the peaceful protests, and set a road map for reforms... Damascus didn't even fall by plan (B) which is a combination of arming the demonstrations, and setting penetrations in the diplomatic body, the delegations and the embassies outside Syria ... but all that failed.

Plan (C) delayed, which is creating the required excuses for the NATO's replacement of the popular demonstration in Syria... the delay is due to the double VETO by "Russia and China" in the UNSC on 05/10/2011, this VETO urged those who suffered from it to ask from the Arab League fabricating the perfect scenario to waste the Syrian people's blood and launch the NATO's hand and the International sanctions on Syria.

Plan (C), is now known, and we already talked about it, and it was discussed by research centers loyal to the Zion lobby and the new governors , it implies preparing what is called 3 "Save Zones" with the NATO's power on the Syrian boarders with Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, as they mobilize in those zones, armed men opponents to the Syrian government, then the NATO's activity would expand to reach inside Syria in case the opposition armed men succeeded in seizing a geographical area, relatively wide and suitable for an excuse to harass the Syrian Arab army.

The mentioned plan imply to provide a political and security environment suitable for the Syrian opposition movement in various areas in the Lebanese ad Jordanian soils, as this same environment already exist in Turkey.

Sources in "14th of March" movement started spreading since now that the latest changes in Jordan such as the "Aon Ghasawneh" reaching the authority as prime minister, and lieutenant "Faisal Shobky" reached the intelligence department, are only interpretations for the plan (C) on Syria, but what reduce the credibility of this rumor, is the real Jordanian fear of the intended obstacles placed by the US administration in front of the Palestinian independent country even with the Israeli terms, therefore, enhancing "Netenyahu's" theory about the replacement homeland.

In Turkey, the political leadership in Ankara is enthusiastic to establish an area, where armed men are spread within, in order to launch strikes inside Syria, but this enthusiasm still bounce with the military command reservations which take on a serious ground, the Syrian presidents threats with earthquakes in case the west would go further in messing with the Syrian stability.

Ten days ago, intensified communications noticed between foreign embassies and international organizations marketing the foreign propaganda, and also communications with people for the "Future movement" in Lebanon, and civil and familiar organizations and groups related to this movement for the purpose of instigating juristic and humanitarian cases in regards of the Syrian events... therefore, finding justifications for the foreign countries to press on the Lebanese government in order to force it setting refugees camps for the Syrian opposition on the northern boarders with Syria under the allegation of human rights , and protecting the refugees... these camps to be used in two directions, the first is militarily (arming, training and smuggling weapons to Syria), and the second is media, by turning the camps itself into media studios that brings the western media in to fabricate a humanitarian tragedy that condemns Syria and besiege its international allies (Russia, Chins and all the BRICS and Iran as well), and accusing them in covering this tragedy with VETO.

"Akkar's" meeting headed by congressman "Khaled Addaher" yesterday comes in the same context and under the request of international organizations, their aim is to open cases to accuse the Lebanese government in abusing human rights and media freedoms and narrowing political rights, all this to place Lebanon in the way of harsh economical sanctions used to strangle Syria economically and block the way in front of it from using the Lebanese market as a breather from the harsh western sanctions, which are escalating..

From this angle as well, we can read "Burhan Ghalyoon" message to the Lebanese government leader "Najib Miqati" holding him responsible for the disappearance of Syrian opposition members in Lebanon, and it is expected that "14th of March" movement's talks about the alleged restriction for the Syrian opposition in Lebanon, plus "Ghalyoon's" message, might be used as an official document in the hands of ambassadors and foreign counsels that allows them to exercise pressure on the Lebanese government, specially that the US financial minister's assistant will arrive Beirut in a clear mission, which is include Lebanon in the economic strangle of Syria.

Plan (C) is not just about turning Lebanon into a political embrace of Syrian groups that talk publicly about using the Lebanese field to plot on Syria, yet it requires demanding the Lebanese authorities to provide the required coverage for the security and military movements that these groups intend to do inside Syria.

Since the Lebanese army command as well as the general department of security are showing strictness in applying Lebanese laws, and respecting agreements set between the Lebanese and Syrian governments, which prohibit the use of Lebanese lands as a passage or residence for any harm that might fall on the Syrian stability.. so the western countries sought to frighten the commands of those two organizations, and a reliable political source copied a French diplomat, that the later informed him that foreign ambassadors demanded those organizations to overlook the security and military movement of the Syrian opposition in Lebanon (for both, purchasing and smuggling weapons, or recruiting and training terrorists), which will fall under the blackmail of moving these commands to the international criminal court due to accusations would be fabricated by the general accusatory "Ocampo".

After that, there is something that plan (C) didn't realize, which was in the beginning of the Libyan scenario, as everyone recalls journals headlines calling the international community for help, as calling "O' NATO.. O' West", but in the Syrian scenario, Syrians will see their Libyan brothers blood in NATO's hands, as the entire Arab oil with its reserves, will not be enough to brainwash these minds regarding these criminal hands of the NATO.
Translated by: News About Syria - English

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