Oct 15, 2011

Experts: Syrian army is in control of field battles, and prohibit the settlement of armed groups in any geographical spots in Syria.

Experts following the Syrian events, assured that the Syrian Arab Army managed in the field and in high professionality control about 85% of the security status of Syria, and the current phase logo is "The armed groups control over a geographical spot in Syria is forbidden,  and the sectarian ordeal is forbidden as well"

Experts add, situation in Syria is concluded according to field developments, in accordance with the political situation... they also assure that after the Iranian warning, and Iran's message to the near and far countries pointing that Syria is a "Red Line", which lead to confusing the international players in the Syrian events.. the events in Syria entered a phase of "beyond the Russian and Chinese VETO" .

Experts see that Turkey was the first target of the double VETO by Russia and China, as the Russians wanted to inform the Turks through the VETO that " the missile shield is directed toward Russia in the first place, and Russia who didn't accept the presence of the missile shield in Croatia and Georgia, will not accept its presence in Turkey.. Russia wants to warn that the Turkish threat of stimulating ordeals between Azerbaijan and USA in "Nagorni Karabakh" region is not allowed and a red line to the Russians... Russia also in insist that the Turkish ambition in the former Soviet union republics is a credible threat to the Russian Federation, so Moscow insist on going with these files and through the Syrian field to the max of limits, and Russia will deliver Iran the "S-300" missile deal, along with what it holds of danger and challenge to the international community.

The experts stop at the US position of the Syrian events, as after the failure of the phase of kneeling the Syrian command through intensive and armed demonstrations, and the use of media fabrication and international pressure, the USA had adopted the military-security operations choice aiming for destabilization and ignite the ordeal in Syria..
Experts draw the attention to the increase in the US declarations about the armed insurrection in Syria, and above it what "Robert Ford" said to the Times magazine in Damascus "Syrians using arms, is justified", the US media also started promote the armed movements in Syria.

The experts add that the USA is dealing with the Syrian file as a failure which impose a strategic disaster for her, because it will be added to its withdrawal from Iraq ,its dilemma in Afghanistan and its disability in the Arab-Israeli conflict., which force her to work hard on the military-security option in Syria.. Experts clarify, that Washington have no alternative than this choice, as the conflict had reached its limits with the failure of the UNSC option, and absence of the military intervention possibility.

Yet, there is a second approach that can be noticed in the US way of handling issues with Syria, is that the US realize that the Syrian government position is very strong, and for this reason, they are keeping their ambassador in Damascus as an indicator that issues did not reach the "no-return" point between the two countries, which is likely noticed from president Bashar Al Assad latest declaration where he said "some countries are raising their voice in public, but sending messages to us in secret"..

Experts quote a survey performed by a studies center close to the US, that its results showed that the opposition percentage in Syria reached only 20%, noting that this opposition do not own any political program, and that these results are placed on the table of anatomy at the decision makers of USA.
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