Oct 27, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine".. the complete secrets.. part 2 (The grand deal with Erdogan).

By: Juhaina News
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We talked in the first part about the importance of selling energy in US Dollar, and the deal between USA and Qatar to start draw gas and bio-fuel to Europe, and Washington became safe, but until 2010 she had to be in control of the east Mediterranean gas, and before 2018 to be in control over Iran gas, and before 2025 to be in control over Middle Asia's gas, so that she ensure approaching the year 2030 were the gas consumption will doubled several times, this comes on a parallel line with ensuring the control over the African gas sources in Algeria and Niger in precise, and in a parallel line with blocking the Russian gas from reaching Europe, and preparing to disassemble the European Union... indeed, in Algeria, armed gangs were sent and commenced huge violent acts that Algeria witnessed in the 90s for the sake of toppling the Algerian government which is not an ally of Washington, and they started preparing for the New Middle East.

Dividing the Middle East..

Washington wants to control the Egyptian gas, which is practically with her passing through the gas in the Palestinian coast, and it is with her passing through the gas in the Lebanese and Cyprus coast, and north Iraq and Iran gas, and later, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan gas which centralize these countries, and those country's gas exit is to be Turkey.

Washington realize that three countries if hit, will wake the "Russian bear" from his deep sleep and its ally "Yeltsin" will fall, those countries are "Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran", as those countries threaten the Russian national security, so US had to commence a slow swoop, by imposing the policy of "The reality fact" by providing an alternative to the Russian gas from the Middle East, and the crawl started toward Moscow from the European side, hoping to perform a greater deal in the future.. here , the Americans chose Turkey to transfer the gas from Egypt in Africa and the Levant and Mesopotamia reaching Turkey, to join with it later, Middle Asia's gas.

The American plan..

This plan imply moving Egypt, Middle East and Iraq gas to Europe to ensure a replacement of the Russian gas... a temporary block for the Iranian gas passage from European reach, then hitting the Russian gas supplies in Bella Russia and Ukraine.. so she earns Europe's support to crawl to Middle Asia which will become under the American control...
The most important is to control northern Africa.. here, Syria, Bella Russia, Ukraine and Alger obstacles in the face of the American project ..
  1. Alger... to isolate Africa from Europe, so the US ensure the supplying road which will ensure for her the control and power over Africa's riches, and stopping the Chinese crawling in the black continent, and block the way on Russia, and most important to control the riches of Algeria of gas and oil.
  2. Bella Russia and Ukraine...  to hinder the passage of the Russian oil to Europe.
  3. Syria... to deliver Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon gas to Turkey.
The US administration decided that hitting Syria is theoretically hard, due to its international relations, and they failed in hitting Alger back in the 90s, so they decided eliminate the resistance in Lebanon, therefore ensure extracting the gas and transporting it, and later... divide the region...
But the disaster was the defeat of Israel in "operation grapes of wrath" in 1996, and its failure in eliminating Hizbulla.. so Washington realized that even if Hizbulla was eliminated, and the gas passed... its passage is not secured ... so it is now obligatory for her to divide the Middle East, before anything else,.

The new Middle East project..

since 1996 and till 2000, Washington started receiving painful hits.. in 1997 a partnership had been signed between Russia and China removing a long time dispute that followed the fall of the Soviet Union.. until in the  times of president Putin, a "good relations" agreement was signed between them in 2001, and later, Venezuela fell from the US barn, and along with it the gas Washington wanted for herself.. 
Putin  surfaced as a true leader in Russia after he extinguished Chechnya's fire and then control the power in 2000, and the bad American dream began.. and the most danger was the start of the raising of the Islamic current in Turkey, which lately witnessed disassembling more than one Islamic party, not mentioning the great defeat Israel got in southern Lebanon that awakened the Arab street and planted hope in the hearts of Arabs.

The deal with Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Abdulla Gul..

Washington cannot divide the Middle East and create the division dispute between the minorities without strict takfiri Islam... and she cannot stop the Islamic march opposed to USA in Turkey without strict Islam, and she cannot re-ignite Russia (Chechnya and Dagestan)  and China (Igorions) without strict Islam, and after dividing the region, the minorities cannot be dragged into Israel's lap without strict Islam.. And Abdulla Gul and Erdogan know that Washington do not allow any party opposite to her in Turkey to reach the authority, so she disassembled the "Virtue" and "Rafah" parties and supressed Islamists, and she negotiated with Erdogan and Gul under terms of putting them in authority:

  1. Washington commit to isolate Greece and its influence in Cyprus for the benefit of Turkey, Turkey gain from this, and US would have created the hole that would topple the EU and the Euro.
  2. Turkey agree to divide the region, including parts of Turkey.
  3. Turkey compensated by taking part of Syria, and influence in Sunni states in Eygipt and Syria which will be given areas of it as compensation to what it will lose in the Kurdish state and the Alawit state which will take up its boarders.
  4. USA make of Turkey a global gas knot that would provide her with economical wealth.
  5. Washington commit to giving Erdogan and Gul a global role, as happened to the Qatari prince (the plan was to make him as a conqueror of Damascus.. We will talk about that later)..
  6. Turkey agrees to eliminate the Palestinian cause.
  7. Turkey secretly help Washington conquer Iraq, Afghanistan and later on... Syria.
  8. Turkey ease the entrance of the US to Middle Asia, and most importantly.. spreading chaos in the Balkans.
  9. Turkey gets the Syrian oil in exchange to the Lebanese gas to Israel, and Cyprus gas will be under the Turkish influence.
Washington show its teeth..

Abdulla Gul reached leadership in Turkey after the foundation of the "development and justice" party, and his betrayal to his master "Najmuldeen Arbakan", similar to the why the Qatari prince betrayed his father, and in the same year Afghanistan was occupied.. and the most important is that Washington disclosed its "Nabuku" project, in 2002 when Washington showed its teeth along with the foundation of the "development and justice" party and the declaration of "Nubuku" project and occupying Afghanistan.

The American cunning..

Only Washington knows about the existence of gas in the Mediterranean, and Washington alone knows the places of energy in all the world's spots, so she offered her project which Russia considered as an aggressive act, when the Americans declared that Nabuku line aim to bond Middle Asia with Middle Europe without passing though the Russian soils, and when the US proposed its project.. he did it cunningly , as it is not stupid to disclose its plan, but US wanted to trade Russia who didn't know the existence of the gas in the Mediterranean, so the US entered Russia by implying that it want a share of this gas, and will bond Middle Asia with Middle Europe as the top of its requests, but if Russia wants Washington not to get close from Middle Asia, she has to agree on dividing the region.. the US will leave "Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan" to Russia in exchange of Iran, Iraq and Syria to ensure passage of the Egyptian gas.
When the US proposed the Nubuku project, which threatens the Russian national security, the aim was to imply to Russia, that it is demanding the higher top of demands which Moscow do not agree on a mediation solution by dividing the area, so the US and Russia meet and sign an agreement that US leaves "Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan and Middle Asia" to Russia,  while Russia leaves "Iran, Iraq and Syria" to USA... this happened upon occupying Afghanistan, i.e, the negotiations came through the "Carrot and Stick" policy, as the US besiege China's reinforcements, and implied to Russia that it is into expansion in Middle Asia, and proposed its project, hoping it will succeed.. if it succeed it would have hammered a wedge in the Russian-Chinese relations which developed in 2001, and transformed into a danger on the US benefits... on the other hand, and with the Mediterranean gas, US will besiege Russia in Europe and start marching toward Middle Asia when the time is lost, where she impose the "reality of fact" policy.


Musicians know that Nabuku is a "Verdi" musical work that talks about the Jews repression in Iraq in the days of "Nebuchadnezzar" , and what's called the Babylon Jews captivity, and political history marks that Nabuku declaration was an announcement of the Iraqi invasion, even choosing the names by the US is wise... Yes, Erdogan fight for Nabuku and not for the sake of Ottoman , not for sake of peace .. his new Ottoman is to turn Islam's enemy of Zion and invasion into Islamic and Christian minorities, and dividing the area where he give up some of his lands and regain compensations for them.

Before placing the real Nabuku map, lets see how the US presented it, according to AFP..
Note that the line do not pass through Greece, even though Greece is a gas consumer country, and it is (Greece) which later will become the weak point of Europe.

 The Russian response..

What was offered on Russia in principal, through dividing the world was an acceptable deal, and when talking about dividing the gas in the world , Russia could dispense Iran, Iraq and Egypt as they are already out of its influence, and dispensing Syria as it is a threat to Israel which became the interest of the great nations, because it prefers Asia on Africa and prevent the establishment of a great Arab country, in exchange of Washington commitment not to get any near of Middle Asia, which is suitable with Russia and allows it to share the world with Washington without wars.... But Russia obviously felt the existence of a con, specially that its relation with Syria is the entrance to the Middle East, and obviously she didn't know about the Middle Eastern gas, for this reason, and in precautionary measures, Russia proposed projects to test Washington's honesty, so she decided to establish the "South Stream" and the "Nord Stream" to nourish Europe with gas through the sea, i.e, in unobstructed pipes.. Russia presented its project so that one of the "South Stream" branches reaches Greece which was not included in Nabuku line, and later Russia tossed the "Blue Stream" line as a carrot to Turkey and to raise the debt ceiling with Washington.

 Here, Washington realized that the con didn't pass on the Russians, and a conflict of another kind began. Nabuku and the Southern Torrent turned into enemies and the conflict began to surface.

 The US attacks...

Rafik Hariri assassinated, the attack on Syrian and Lebanon began, and in Ukraine, the regime is about to fall due to the Orange revolution, so that later, allies of the US whose job is to open the gas war appeared... 

The gas war began between Russia and Ukraine which blocked the gas from Europe for two weeks,and in Bella Russia, the US pressure started to mount and the attack on "Lucationo" became on a daily basis, and the Europeans who are watching the US strikes, yield to the Americans in a controversially way, as upon the Iraqi invasion, Washington controlled the French decision making, this could indicate to a US-French deal that its features would appear later on... and later on, the Nabuku agreement became a document signed by transit states in Turkey in 2009.. but after the failure of the invasion on Lebanon, Washington realized that the time is behind it, so Israel tried occupying Gaza to impose peace by force, hoping to begin executing the gas projects, but the Israeli occupation failed, so Erdogan visited Egypt and proposed what is called the "Arabian gas line" to transport the Egyptian gas to Jordan then Syria then to Turkey.. ofcourse this was to assure Egypt that Russia will not be able extend the "Blue Stream" gas, so when Russia declared the "Blue Stream" from Turkey to Syria to nourish Jordan and from it to Isreal, Egypt realized that she has to negotiate with Russia in Africa to market its gas, so there was Erdogan's fake line to prevent Egypt from thinking of any partnership with Russia, and to not be worried, specially that Egypt started selling gas to Israel in a reduced rate to not sign on the "Blue Stream" gas deal.. as for what Erdogan called "The Arab gas line" was only a con similar to the "Blue Stream".

The war on Lebanon...

War on Lebanon formed a horrible defeat to Washington that she did not expect, so she decided to postpone the "Blue Jasmine" operation from 2007 to 2011, as the Israeli invasion on Lebanon did not only give Hizbulla a historical victory, yet the most important event in 2006 was the fall of the ordeal which could've helped Washington on burning Syria, if the world forgot the Sunni-Shiit congestion dedicated by Al Jazeera and Alarabiya news channels, and which Washington paid for it Billions of Dollars, and the most important, Syria received its chance in burning the Americans in Iraq, and changing the game's rules on the ground, then Qatari started attracting Lebanese, as the game rules will soon be changed, and Syria was accused with Hariri's assassination, and after invading Lebanon and eliminating Hizbulla, Syria will be attacked, and the ordeal will be planted through the international court's stick, but with their failure in Lebanon, the plan converted, and postponed to the year 2011, where it became necessary to accuse Hizbulla and burn Syria first.. this is why Washington commenced a truce , and a Qatari-Syrian and Turkish-Syrian spring began, Aljazeera stopped attacking Syria, and the preparations for the next battle started.

Postponing the "Blu Jasmine" operation...

The "Blue Jasmine" was planned to burn Syrian at the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007, but the Israeli war, and the start of the financial crisis, postponed the project of hitting Syria, and with the lack of time, and the Russian entrance to Africa, the confrontation patch expanded..
So Washington decided to replace the tactic and the "Blue Jasmine" later became among the "Arab Spring" project...
after 2007, and upon a request by the US intelligence, Qatar started bringing Tunisians to Addouha in 2008, despite all disputes with Egypt, which have been solved, Egyptians had been brought to Qatar...
Let's remember here in 2004 and 2005 Qatar allowed Visas for Syrians, as the US intelligence in Qatar would recruit those who are to achieve the jobs requested from them, and in 2006 after the dream of occupying Lebanon demolished, Visas permitted to Lebanese, all this indicate that Qatar is really the center for the US intelligence base in the region..

Russia show its teeth...

When the Russian watched the American bounce into the wall, it began escalating, and declared its will to control the entire gas trade in the world, and its will to export gas to all the world..
 and next to the "South and Nord Streams" , Putin declared he will invest the gas in Latin America to be exported to Washington itself, and will be invested in Africa to be exported to Europe, and the "Blue Torrent" line will be expanded from Turkey to Syria and Jordan then to Israel in transit... Here, Washington decided to launch the attack of the "Arab Spring" which the "Blue Jasmine" is to become part of it. 

End of part two...

In part three: The "Arab Spring" ... the caring mother of the "Blue Jasmine".

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news

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