Apr 4, 2012

Syrian Arab army liberated the National hospital of Homs 03-04-2012


Syrian army was able to liberate the entire National Hospital in Homs after less than 24 hours by the gunmen occupation.

The Syrian army .. a complex operation lead to the liberation of National Hospital in Homs from the hands of insurgents who occupied it.

There were approximately 400 armed men had attacked National Hospital from six hubs ... were able to occupy the National Hospital. And within hours the army surrounded the hospital and had liberated it from the hands of terrorist groups. During the operation there were 150 armed terrorist killed and the hospital is free of terrorists and the rest were arrested by the Syrian Arab Army.

Terrorism in Homs, Al-Farooq battalion raid the national hospital of Homs. (02-04-2012)

What have they done?? Is the national hospital a military base??
It's a hospital that receives injured people from the terrorism acts done by those terrorists attacking the hospital.

After the raid, those barbaric savages stole the corpses from the hospital refrigerator, where they are supposed to be, and moved them outside to be placed in a truck..

I don't rule out that those savages have placed the dead bodies in the refrigerator before filming, bodies belong to people have been abducted on a daily basis in Homs, to accuse the government of this ugly crime..

These are your actions, the National hospitals remain a place to treat injured people, but we are dealing with savage people without a religion or conscious.

Who are you fooling??? those corpses belong to people you have killed, corpses belong to people you abducted every day in Homs, corpses of those you slaughter, corpses of those who martyred due to your terrorist actions against innocent people!!!!!!!

Then they raid the corpse's refrigerator, what have they found?? corpses?? isn't that the natural place to place the corpses, especially those who are not being identified yet??, don't these corpses belong to people killed by them??

They talk about purification and corpses, while they are the ones killing and slaughtering innocent people, not mentioning those still abducted by them and no one knows anything about them, those are your actions, and we condemn you from your delusional heroism, heroism of slaughtering and raiding the National hospital.

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