Apr 13, 2012

The truth about what happened on the Syrian-Turkish borders.

During the latest clashes that took place on the Syrian-Turkish borders, and accusing the Syrian army with breaching the borders and shooting on refugees, then they have showed dead bodies and injured people as they have been hit inside the camp, and many lies and fabrications.

But in this video, we will show you their lies and explain what really happened on the borders, and who are those injured people and dead people who were filmed as refugees... Watch the scene.

That's all what happened on the Syrian-Turkish borders Kelles gate, but the armed terrorist groups who carries their wounded, were shooting on the camp and film the scene as the Syrian Arab army is shooting inside the Turkish territories, the we see Erdogan on TV asking the NATO to protect the borders, since Turkey is a memb
er in the NATO, even this Erdogan fell in the trap of lies and fabrication.

Event the NATO won't help you Erdogan, as in your words you have broken the Turkish army's spirit which is already broken.

They are the Syrian army lions ... Don't mess with that.

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