Dec 23, 2011

The names of Syrian, Iraqi and Libyan Al Qaida leaders who entered Syria..

Iraqi sources disclosed the passage of an Iraqi group that belong to Al Qaida organization to Syria since a short period of time, adding that the group is lead by "Abu Osama Al Halbousi" and include 150 fighters, distributed between Homs, Hama and Der Azzour.

The source insured that Al Qaida organization had been sneaking to Syria since months, wither through Turkey, or northern Lebanon where some of them are still there, they were lead by the so called "Abu Obada" who crossed to Syria, and it is still not known if he was killed or not yet... all of those are professionals in Al Qaida organization jobs in Iraq, and have an expert in explosions, according to the Iraqi source.

The source added that the Libyan group in Al Qaida organization which crossed to Syria is lead by "Mehdi Terhouni".

The Iraqi source said that, Al Qaida prince in Syria presently is "Abdulla Al Homsy", born in 1977, and the Syrian authorities are looking for him very intensively, and his residence is not known, even if some sources think he might be in Al Zawiah mountain in Idleb.

It's worth mentioning that the new film of Al Qaqaa terrorist brigade in the eastern area (Der Azour) include an anthem which is known for Al Qaida, and it is a anthem used by Al Qaida in all their films about fighting activities, which insure -according to experts who follow Al Qaida activities- that this so called brigade is attached to Al Qaida, specially that Al Qaida infidel the Syrian Arab army, and considered it an infidel secular army, and it is known that all members of the Syrian Arab army, weather still in it or defected from it, do not have the Al Qaida thinking in them at all, therefore, the reason for the presence of Al Qaida anthems in the films of Al Qaqaa brigade, is that Al Qaida itself founded this brigade in Syria..

It is mentioned that several western media indicated in their previous reports the existence of Al Qaida organization in Syria, the latest was "The Guardian" who conducted an interview with a Syrian Jihadist who came from Iraq and fought in Idleb.

The End..

Original Arabic report by Jouhaina News

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