Dec 5, 2011

The supposedly abducted 7 Estonians in Lebanon, are professional snipers

The 7 Estonians are professional snipers working for the French DGSE', performed their mission in #Lebanon under the sponsorship of Jamal Jarrah "Future movement" and trained terrorists to work in Syria for about 111 days (When they were supposedly abducted), yet it turned out to be a fabricated story plotted by France and Qatar, using a man called "Wael Abba" and six other men who claimed abducting them, and they were moved to the terrorists training base.. and when their mission was over, the French intelligence directed a comedy scenario about the freeing mission, undermining the Lebanese authorities efforts.

When the mission ended after training about /85/ terrorists and sending them to Syria, all the evidences had to be taken off, so Jamal Al Jarrah prepared a Venezuelan passport and three fake IDs for "Wael Abbas" to leave Lebanon, after his six associates were arrested by the Lebanese authority.

According to Qatar's instructions, Abbas was supposed to leave Lebanon to Qatar through Syria and then to Venezuela after receiving the sum of 30 Thousand Dollars fees..

The Syrian authorities was supposed to arrest him for fake passport, and a previously prepared plan to set up Syria and accuse it of abducting the Estonians was about to start, but Syria wisely let Abbas pass her soils and head to Qatar without arresting him, which infuriated Qatar who fabricated a problem in the airport with Abbas and sent him back to Damascus (to be caught this time).. Syria let him land and did not arrest him (again).. Abbas made a phone call to Jarrah, who replied by (will call you back), and called his Qatari and French leaders to inform them that Syria did not arrest Abbas for the second time... so they ordered him to let Abbas exit Syria through "Arsal" boarder area to Lebanon, until they figure out a way to make him escape.. but they planned to kill him then and hide his body... this left Syria with one choice... to arrest Abbas and give him to the Lebanese authorities ... so the plot failed.


Translated by JaNo (News About Syria - English)

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