Dec 22, 2011

Syrian security authorities succeeded in deluding the armed men..!

One of the sources in the Syrian government, cited a security official in Damascus yesterday, who declared his resentment regarding the sum of money paid to some foreign journalists to use them to penetrate the rebels' places in Al Zawiah mountain in Idleb province, as he said that more than half the money (about 42 thousand Dollars) went to the pocket of one of their sources in Europe, who coordinated with journalists from both (Spain and Ireland) to communicate with the FSA and the rebels inside Syria to insure their protection, and their entrance through the Turkish boarders to Syria, as he said that this person is Syrian and live in Belgium, who worked in Orient opposition TV ... and work with Syrian security authority as well.

The source mentioned that the coordinator who live in Belgium, pledged to arrange an agreement with journalists from Spain and Ireland, in exchange of 75 thousand Dollars to communicate with the rebels in Idleb, and to enter under the protection of the rebels into their places in Al Zawiah mountain.

The source said that the double agent did actually communicate with some European media figures, until he reached an agreement with the Irish journalist "Martha Malklajlin" of the Irish "Sunday World" newspaper, and the Spanish journalist "Daniel Iriarte", the Spanish ABC newspaper reporter, this newspaper which is considered one of the most important in Spain.

The reporter did arrive Syria last week, after coordinating with the FSA, but also coordinating with the Syrian security authority... the Spanish journalist roamed under the protection of the rebels, accompanied by others, in many places of al Zawiah mountain, including "Iblin" village.

The Spanish journalist presented the info that he obtained about the rebels and the FSA to the Syrian security authority, that included photographs and proved clues about the existence of Libyan Al Qaida fighters on the Syrian soil, specially in Al Zawiah mountain in Idleb province... He also presented plenty info about the military abilities of the rebels, the kind of weapons they possessed, it's amounts and a description of many places of their gatherings and training with pictures and videos... As well as their hiding places, and their passages to and from the Turkish soils away from the sight of the Syrian boarder guards, plus info about their communications with Turkish forces and the means of providing them with weapons, money and communication methods, and the logistic support... He also provided the Syrian side with precise info about the Libyan fighters, their places on the Turkish side awaiting the perfect circumstances to cross the boarders and join the Syrian rebels.

Due to these valuable info, the Syrian forces in Al Zawiah mountain, and during the past three days, managed to direct a painful hit to the rebels in many places around "Ain Al Baida, Kherbet Al Joz, Bdama and Janoudieh" within two days, where about 200 rebels were killed , among them Libyans who tried to cross the boarders.
The Syrian forces today directed a painful hit to the rebels near the villages of "Kensefra and Kefer Oad" as 72 rebels were killed, and others arrested.

The Spanish journalist published a report in the Spanish ABC newspaper that included many details, chich internationally considered the first credible clue that supported the Syrian government's allegations about the existence of Al Qaida fighters in Syria.

The Spanish journalist mentioned in his report, that he met with three Libyan armed men who work with "Abdul Halim Belhaj" the Libyan military council leaders in Tripoli, and that there are dozens others who managed enter Syria to work with what is called the Free Syrian Army "FSA".

The journalist mentioned that one of those three fighters was "Mehdi Harati", the leader of the "Tripoli Brigade"  in Libya, which is formed of armed men of Al Qaida organization in North Africa.. As for the second Libyan fighter, his name is "Adam Kikly" who informed the Spanish journalist that he worked with "Abdul Halim Belhaj" since 20 years in UK... As for the third Libyan fighter, he is know as "Fouad", and he is the other two's body guard..

The Spanish journalist cited the three fighters, saying that they came to straighten the needs of the Syrian rebels.

The journalist drew the attention that the three fighters, specially "Mehdi" were at the top of a group trained by Qatari experts , and played a major role in freeing Tripoli (Libya's capitol) from Gaddafi's forces.

In this context, two important things must be mentioned:

1- al JAzera broadcasted yesterday a tape that showed Al Qaida fighters in Al Zawiah mountain, but the channel did not say who they truely are... instead, the channel said they are FSA fighters ..
According to different sources, Al Jazeera wanted in this phase to neglect the background of these fighters, even though a number of western newspapers indicated that the FSA is only a fake cover that hid behind it various forms of fundamental organizations .. including the Syrian MBs fighters... according to an official French source to "Le Figaro" magazine, two months ago.

2- The Irish police discovered last month, that "Mehdi Harati" who have the Irish nationality as well, is a CIA agent, and used to handle the money transfer from the CIA to Al Qaida fighters in Libya,.... this discovery came as a coincidence, when burglars broke into "Mehdi's" house in Dublin, during his presence in Libya, as they stole about a quarter a million Euros that he kept at home,... and upon investigations with him and his wife, they both confessed that Mehdi kept this money for himself out of the original sum, which is an enormous figure that the CIA assigned him to move to Libya to fund the fundamentalists  who fight against Gaddafi forces..! according to a report by "Sunday World" Irish newspaper.

It's worth mentioning here, that the "Daily Telegraph" reported in 27/11/2011 that "Abdul Halim Belhaj" secretly head to Turkey , under the command of the Libyan national council's president "Mustapha Abdul Jalil" to meet with the FSA leader "Ryad Al Asa'ad"  and discuss his needs of money, fighters and training in the light of the deal done by "Burhan Ghaliun" with the new Libyan government during his visit there, associate's with the MBs leader's deputy "Farooq Tayfoor" amd the SNC member" Radwan Ziade".

Finally, we must mention that the Syrian security authorities achieved a magnificent success  in penetrating the rebels' ranks in Al Zawiah mountain, by hiring international journalists to obtain info about the rebels, their weapons, numbers, training and their places.. without loosing one single agent.

The End..
Report by: Middle East Panorama .

The Spanish journalist "Daniel Iriarte" report:
Spanish: Islamistas libios se desplazan a Siria para «ayudar» a la revolución

English: Libyan Islamist move to Syria to "help" to the revolution

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