Dec 22, 2011

Exposing the untold... 141 members of the "Istanbul Council"... 71 of them not declared.. What Are Israel's terms to meet with Ghaliun? .. Ghaliun to Israelis: "You have to restrain Arour"...

Despite all attempts to keep some of the Istanbul council's names in the shadow, yet the last meeting between Burhan Ghaliun and Barak exposed the truth about the hiding the names of Istanbul council which is consisted of 141 members, and only 70 are announced.

As a close source to one of the council's leaders in Turkey, mentioned to "Sama Syria" website, that the Istanbul council include in its ranks French Zion members of Syrian origins.

Arguments and objections occured between the liberals represented by Ghaliun, and the MBs.. as the MBs allegation was that the presence of Zion members will distort their image in front of the public opinion, and reduce their influence, and that Qatar interfered in he negotiations with a deal with Turkey and France, so that Ghaliun and his group got from it 12 Million Dollars, yet Ghaliun took the money for himself which infuriated some of his close friends ... specially Radwan Ziade.

The source added that the Qatari-Turkish-French agreement was to place the French Zion "Gabriel Mouche"  As a founding member of the Istanbul council.

The Zion "Mouche" is know to the French and Europeans that he owns the biggest chain of clubs, night clubs and gambling salons.

The source insured that the MBs who objected placing Mouche and others with him in the Istanbul council, that was after intensified phone calls with shiekh "Yousuf Qaradawi" who promised the MBs that he will find a suitable Fatwa (which is an advisory religious opinion) for that and will declare it in public, which he did in the Friday speech in Benghazi square in Libya by saying: "The countries that will witness revival and ruled by Islamists will be wise and Rational in dealing with the west and Israel"..

The source also added that there are disputes started threaten with divisions in the council's committee, and Turkey is loosing the grip and influence on it after the popular pressure Erdogan's party and his foreign minister are against.

This had created a huge gap between the Turks and Qataris, as the Turks insisted on taking compensations from Qatar for the amount of damages that hit the Turkish economy, and these new developments and data pushed Ghaliun to seek a quick meeting with Israelis with a Qatari meddling, and the Israeli approval to meet with Ghaliun was conditioned with Ghaliun declaring openly and in public, and in case he reached the power in Syria to break Syria's relation with Hizbullah and set natural relations with Israel... indeed, Ghliun did as told, and he held a press meeting with the "Wall Street Journal" newspaper that was copying by the AFP, saying: that his council, if reached the leadership in Syria, will work on setting a natural relation with Israel and will break the strategic relation between Syria, Hamas and Hizbullah, and will change the power balance in the region which will leave great repercussions on it.

After this announcement, a meeting was held between Barak and Ghaliun in Vienna, and despite Ghaliun's begging to keep this meeting secret, but the Israeli intelligence services leaked it, as they did before when leaked the secret meeting between Hamad Ben Jasem and Israeli officials in Tel Eviv.

The sources said that Ghaliun asked Barak to press on the Turks to keep him in power after the dispute between him and the MBs who intended at their last meeting to overthrow Ghaliun from leading the Istanbul council, Ghaliun also requested to speed up the military intervention and present more weapons to the so called FSA and increase the number of Israeli trainers who train the armed terrorist groups that call themselves the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in a Turkish area near "Ain Al Bayda" of Idleb province.

He also asked Barak to urge the Saudi kings to interfere and restrain sheikh Adnan Arour who intensified his campaigns against Ghaliun through the satellite channels .. and Arour's attitude toward Ghaliun is resembled in consequent and daily episodes, aired by "Wisal and Safa" bias religious channels, as Arour was mocking Ghaliun and his way of talking on satellite channels, specially when he get confused, by saying: "We do not allow Ghaliun to talk philosophy on us, hesitate, lag, and go in circles in his phrases".

Ghaliun also asked Barak to press on Qatar to give the order to "Yousuf Al Qaradawi" to intensify his calls to support Istanbul council with the leadership of Ghaliun.

The sources mentioned to our website that Barak asked Ghaliun to make a public statement that the coming Syrian government will include Jewish Zion ministers of Syrian origins, by saying to Ghaliun: "We have done all we can with our Qatari brothers and our Turkish allies to support your council, and supply the armed gangs with money, weapons and training, and the Israeli government is on constant coordination with Qatar, and the point of views are one, and Hamad Bin Jasim informed him that the MB current in the Istanbul council had agreed to keep Ghliun in the council's leadership"..

The End..

Original Arabic report by Sama Syria.

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  1. They failed in Syria thus far because it took them more time than in other 'Arab Spring' infected countries, so all their initial plans were consumed and they had to improvise thus stumble upon their own mistakes.
    The creation of the 'Istanbul Council' dubbed SNC itself is a joke, the head of the council was a fierce hater and fighter of the terrorist organization 'The Muslim Brotherhood-Syria' and also a fighter to anything religious and out of a sudden and because of the need he's heading a council which half of the members are from the same criminal organization he wrote books demonizing it, and the other half are enemies of Syrians by nature..! Only money and intimidation can forge such a freak council.


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