Jun 30, 2012

US, Arab and Turkish escalation, and a Syrian settlement on the ground ... Are we witnessing a regional war after Geneva meeting ..?

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For the fourth time during the Syrian crisis, the military escalation reached its peak, and the current escalation is the second in two months, as after the (US - US Arabs) maneuvers in Jordan, and (Turkey - US Arabs) Anatolia maneuvers, now a new kind of escalation began, as military units were deployed in occupied Golan, and promoting the Turkish forces on the Syrian borders, and the re-deployment of forces northern Jordan with leaked info about a Saudi-US presence, in addition to the presence of US forces in Jordan as well as in the in the Zion entity.. The question is: is the axis of (Washington, Tel Aviv, Ryad, Doha and Ankara) about to wage war against Syria? or is it just an escalation of pre Geneva meeting negotiations..?

The Assad riddle.. ?

The US .. under the pretext of saving the face of Ankara, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel's security, had agreed to keep the regime in Syria against the stepping down of president Assad, and then his return to power based on the ballot boxes.. But the Russians told them that any Syrian citizen realize that president Assad's stepping down even for 10 days will cause a long term civil war in Syria, therefore, compromising president Assad means compromising Russia's security and a refuse of any political solution.. Therefore, it is a decision for the continuation of Washington's secret and intelligence work and the refusal of dialogue.

But the US returned with a new trick with a UK escalation, that is a "Government of National Unity" that reduce the powers of the president of the Republic, and thus a new constitution, and thus Washington wants to bring in politicians like the Ghalyoun the interpreter, and the MBs to Syria with high ranks, in order to re-trench the attack on Syria for the future, and the idea of the "Government of National Unity" is not rejected by the Russians in principle, but they reject any amendment in the constitution without a public referendum, and refuse changing the powers between the president of the republic and the Prime Minister with an external intervention, knowing that president Assad fully realize the risks of the phase, when he said "Am not a person who abandon his responsibilities", and the Syrian position is the essence of the Russian position, as the Russians cannot accept what the Syrians will refuse no matter what it is, therefore, the US think it is cunning the players and trying to win the battle with various means, new tricks, and different methods, but with every  raise of an idea, it collides against the latest wall that it hit, such as the downing of the Turkish war jet in the Syrian regional water with all this incident means.

An escalation for every escalation...

Syria is well aware what is the balance of power in the region, and the Russians will not give up what they have gained of public influence during this crisis, therefore, each escalation was met with another kind of escalation, and the title of the Syrian-Russian escalation is going with the military settlement on the ground without accepting the political solution. And during the course of the Syrian crisis, the Syrian position was ascending, as with each passing day, Washington loses a new card and reduce the ceiling of negotiations with Syria, and with the issuance of "Anti-Terrorism law" that can diminish the role of the armed opposition, and strengthen the role of the leadership, along with the competent authorities purification of some areas similar to what happened in Baba Amro, and before that was the downing of the Turkish war jet without any prior notice, and bringing it down below the radar signal,  and the escalation is the Syrian title of "Washington refusal of engaging in a political settlement"..

The US cunning.. ?

From Washington's side, and according to informed sources, it started to resend her agents into Syria, some of those agents are specialized in bringing public protests, and the attempt to impose a "Government of National Unity" based on its measuring, we can understand the US way in withdrawing the armed gangs and commencing a US-sized political solution, therefore, Washington wants from Geneva meeting to head for a "Government of National Unity" with larger powers, and then it will start withdrawing the armed gangs and bring back the protesters who used to protest at the beginning of the crisis, but this US trick cannot pass Russia nor Syria, and those who win the battle don't have to provide such US concessions, so there was a contradiction in the US statements, as Clinton's spokesman said: "She will not attend the meeting unless the attendees agree on the stepping down of president Assad", ofcourse this high ceiling of negotiations with the Russians when she meet with Lavrov in Moscow, and from another side, she stateed that herself (Clinton) kept her meeting agenda open for attending Geneva meeting, therefore, she doesn't want to abandon the negotiations arena, and with the approach of implementing the US-EU sanctions on the Iranian oil, the world will have entered many points of no-return, and the time factor will burn the US and strengthen the Syrian position.

No war to come..

We can say that the military escalation that some countries performed under US order, which was not the first nor the last one, is an escalation of negotiations, as the title of the UNSC meetings was massacres in Syria, and the title of negotiations is a US escalation, even young people know that any war in the region, the balance of power in it is not on the side of Washington's allies as Syria, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon own many strength points and influence in the region that threaten not just Washington's interests on the longer term, yet it even threaten the survival of the EU itself, therefor, the US balloon will not be larger than the one before it, and the latest US balloon that was vented after Putin and Obama summit, was the maneuvers on the Syrian borders, and after Geneva meeting, we will witness the venting of the balloon of the military redeployment on the Syrian borders, knowing that till now Syria is not in an war alert mode, and did not declare the "general alert" yet, nor calling on the army reserves or arm the public army, so the ball remains in the field of the Americans, do they want to continue, or learn from their defeats? the US position is not important, but what's important is the beginning of a settlement on the ground to forcefully impose the solution and make Annan's mission work properly, which is the mandatory passage to the solution in Syria.

The End..

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